My favorite Cosplay from the 2015 AwesomeCon


Ok dude, first off, your girl pal here is beautiful, and she’s dressed up, and you’re not! Internet high-five for finding a keeper.

Truth be told, if I took a picture of someone’s cosplay, it really impressed me. I’ve got 130 cosplay pics below, but first I wanted to highlight some of my more noteworthy favorites before giving you the whole gallery. Click to see what really stood out, and stay tuned for the massive gallery at the end. Tweet us @MillionairePb if you find yourself!

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2015 Awesome Con is here! (Cosplay pics)


We’re covering AwesomeCon in Washington DC this weekend. I popped over to get a handful of pics today, but we’re going again tomorrow and Sunday to cover even more of the action. So stay tuned to the gallery below as I add pics all weekend. Or better yet, get off your duff and come down and experience the show for yourself at the Washington Convention Center. Click below for the gallery.

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Awesome Con is coming, get your passes now!

R2-D2 (left) with Slave Leia

Awesome Con is returning to the Washington Convention Center on May 29-31st and we can’t hardly wait. This is our favorite pop culture event of the year. And have you seen the line-up of guests?? Shatner, Takei, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Dr. Who, not to mention all the comic artists and television personalities. Also if you have kids, bring ‘em. Kids under 10 are free, and there is a whole slate of activities in the Kid Zone.

Get your tickets now to avoid lines at the door. Be sure to check out the VIP and Photo packages before you get there.

We’ll see you there! Check out our coverage from last year.

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Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

click for tickets

I had the opportunity to attend an advance screening of Avengers Age of Ultron earlier this week and I wanted to give you the rundown, spoiler free. My brief two cents, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s a decent enough story for all the action and “kick-ass” posturing to be hung on. There were two distinct “wat…” moments, but nothing a comic book movie that knows what it’s doing couldn’t get away with. If you liked Avengers 1, then you’ll enjoy Avengers 2. This is not a Matrix Reloaded all over again. Click below for some more details.

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Playmobil’s own show, Super 4, now on Netflix


Playmobil has always prided itself on never producing toys of licensed entertainment properties. The Brandst├Ątter family always wanted to capture children’s imaginations with a “blank slate” – no embedded characters or storylines. While LEGO and others are making sets of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Avengers; Playmobil was doing knights, samurai, and ancient Romans. However, kids these days and more importantly, the parents buying the toys, do want something familiar, and Playmobil needed to respond.

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Nightsbridge at Ram’s Head Live


Nightsbridge was one of the first bands I ever shot, way back at Towson’s Recher Theater. The theater is no longer a rock venue (Nightsbridge headlined their final show), and Nightsbridge has been moving up, appearing frequently on 98 Rock’s Noise in the Basement, and a rising fixture on the Baltimore scene. They’ve got a heavy rock STP or AC|DC sound.

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Charm City Devils at Ram’s Head Live


The Charm City Devils headlined the 2015 Loud Festival at Ram’s Head Live on April 17th.
Click below for more pics!

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Bad Seed Rising at Ram’s Head Live


Bad Seed Rising is one of the promising stars in Baltimore’s rock scene. Already signed to Road Runner Records, they’re the ones to watch. Their young age may seem like a novelty, but once you witness them live, in person, you’ll know that they’re so much more than a gimmick. I first shot them at the Charm City Fest back in 2012 and was blown away then. They’ve only grown and gotten an even stronger hold of the stage since then. Check out for more videos and upcoming dates.

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The Greatest Show on Earth!


Last night we went to the 144th Ringling Bros Greatest Show on Earth at the Verizon Center in Washington DC. As you know from my interview with ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson, we had been counting down the days towards the big night.

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BUSH live


As the ultimate sign of how far we’ve come as, I was in the pit shooting BUSH on our twelfth anniversary of launching the pop culture site. I’ve been a big fan of BUSH for years, ever since Sixteen Stone hit my ears, freshman year of college. I remember putting that CD in my stereo and not needing to swap it out for another disk for days at a time. Click below for more pics.

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