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30 Rock: Season One
Review by Tuxxer

10 out of 10

Two separate shows premiered last year that focused on the Saturday Night Live premise. A TV station had a comedy show to put out, and every week come hell or high water, they did it. One was Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and the other was 30 Rock. I originally loved Studio 60 and didn't catch 30 Rock. Over the year, Studio 60 became poorer and poorer, and I finally discovered 30 Rock, which has been hilarious from day one.

30 Rock stars, is written and produced by Tina Fey, easily one of the funniest, smartest women in comedy today. She was the first female head writer on SNL, and with good reason. She's freakin' brilliant. Her show is irreverent, silly and sharp.

Her cast consists of SNL Alum Tracy Morgan playing a parody of himself, a psychotic black movie star. Jane Krakowski (of Ally McBeal) plays the star of the show-within-a-show, Jenna Maroney. She's shallow, self-centered, and obsessed with her reputation and career. In other words, your typical actress. Scott Adsit delivers the much needed straight-man, producer on the show and old friend of Tina Fey's Liz Lemon. Comedian Judah Friedlander plays the simply weird Frank Forritano, one of the chief writers on the show.

Aside from Fey herself, the gem of the cast is Alec Baldwin. The only Alpha Dog to be found, Baldwin's Jack Donaghy is the gravel-voiced VP of Programming. His offhand remarks are razor sharp, and his comic timing impeccable. He gracefully steals every scene he's in as if they were already his.

The first season is nothing short of fantastic. Fans of Tina Fey's wit on SNL will not be disappointed. Her writing, given the chance to blossom in to a half-hour program, is as good as it's ever been.

In addition to the full first season, the DVD also hosts special features including the Stars' commentary, deleted scenes, and outtakes. Those after some great comedy won't be disappointed in this dynamite first season of 30 Rock. Go get it.

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