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30 Rock: Season Two
Review by Tuxxer

10 out of 10

Few things in this world are actually perfect. They are few and far between. For a television program to scale the Mount Everest of broadcasting is quite unlikely. All the pieces must merge together in flawless harmony; culminating in a great conjunction of comedy scrumtrilescence. 30 Rock is that show.

The show is written by and stars Tina Fey. She just won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy series. This is not a coincidence. The scripts are riddled with pearls of unexpected brilliance-- MSNBC's running subtitle reads: Visitor from the Future wins Lottery again-- The show is by-god magnificent.

Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy is superb. Jack McBrayer as the perpetually bubbly Kenneth is a hoot. Tracy Morgan plays Tracy Jordan; a completely bat$#!t celebrity who has no knowledge whatsoever of personal boundaries.

Celebrity appearances are delightful where on other shows, it could come off as tired. But 30 Rock makes it work with style... Cajun Style.

The DVD set of Season 2 is your chance to own the single best comedy on the air. In addition to simply being brilliant in its own right, the set includes deleted scenes, the full audio for Werewolf Bar Mitzvah and potentially best of all; a table-read for the first draft of the season finale, Cooter. Awesome.

In the interest of objectivity; I will point out the DVD's one identifiable flaw: the WGA strike limited the number of episodes produced down to fifteen. Fifteen gems, each more resplendent than the last...

Go. Go now. Purchase the DVD. Be the envy of all your friends for this Emmy-winning extravaganza of excellence. Go! Go now!

You can pick this up on DVD from on October 7.

Review ©2008

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