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The 4400 Season 2

Review by Lando da Pimp

When 4,400 people reappear after a UFO sighting the entire world is baffled as to where they have been and why they haven't aged a day since they disappeared. These 4,400 people (The 4400) all have special abilities such as superhuman strength, healing touch, and clairvoyance. The show examines the mystery of what happened and how these people are forced to deal with the living in the present.

The Story
The second season begins with Agent Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris continuing to investigate the 4400 mystery. While Tom deals with his son Kyle who re-emerged from his coma Diana, adopts the clairvoyant 4400 girl Maia. The billionaire Jordan Collier and fellow 4400 Shawn Farrell start the 4400 center, a place where fellow 4400 members can live in peace with other members protecting them from the world. Meanwhile, Richard and Lily are on the run from the government and Jordon Collier who are after their six-month old baby Isabelle.

click hereI don't want to provide too many details about the show, especially for those who are interested in checking out the show. Besides Battlestar Galactica, The 4400, is the best science fiction show on TV. Ira Steven Behr, creator and writer of Deep Space Nine, has created a show that combination of LOST meets X-Files. Star Trek fans will also be excited to hear that Jeffery Combs (DS9's Weyoun, Brunt, & Enterprise's Shran). Star Trek Voyager and Wonder Years' gym teacher Robert Picardo makes a guest appearance as a 4400 member gone bad.

click hereThe Extras
The second season contains some great commentary tracks with Jacqueline McKenzie, Joel Gretsch, Craig Sweeny and Ira Steven Behr. A few short documentaries on the making of the show and discussing the challenges the 4400 face with cast and crew interviews.

click hereOverall
This is a huge improvement from the barebones season 1 DVD. While the first season is only 5 episodes the second season is a 13-show run that takes the story in new directions that slowly answer where the 4400 have been. Paramount put some effort into this set and is released in a timely manner since the third season begins June 11th. If you haven't checked out the show I encourage you to pick up the season 1 and catch up with the mystery of The 4400.

The second season of the 4400 is available at

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