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The 4400 Season 3
Review by Lando da Pimp

When 4,400 people reappear after a UFO sighting the entire world is baffled as to where they have been and why they haven't aged a day since they disappeared. These 4,400 people (The 4400) all have special abilities such as superhuman strength, healing touch, and clairvoyance. The show examines the mystery of what happened and how these people are forced to deal with the living in the present.

Season 3 Overview
The third season picks up from where Season 2 left off. Somehow Isabella has grown from a baby up to a young woman instantly. At the same time her mother, Lily, has aged rapildly. Meanwhile, Dennis Ryland is put on trial for his coverup of using Promicion to kill the 4400. A terrorist group of 4400's calling themselves the NOVA group commit themselves to destroying all non-4400's. While investigating the NOVA group, Tom and Diana discover a connection between the Nova group and the 4400 building.

click here The season provides a number of clues as to who and what the 4400's are. Mya, is discovered to play a vital role in how the future will turn out. While, the return of Jordon Collier leads only to discover that his only wish is to help the NOVA group succeed. Isabella's plan is to destroy everybody until she is stopped by her father Richard and Tom, losing her powers.

The Extras
Season three contains a number of small features and a gag reel. The first feature provides an overview of the 4400 and touches on the events of Season 3. A second feature focuses on the different character roles and story telling. The third feature focuses on the visual effects of the show with specific examples from the show.

Season 3 slowed the story telling down in comparison to season 2 which brought about more questions. This left the writers the opportunity to continue with a fourth season. Don't let that stop you from checking out this show. It's one of the best sci-fi shows on TV and with only 30 plus shows it won't take you that long to catch up.

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