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Saturday Night Live: The Best of David Spade & Alec Baldwin
Review by Tuxxer

Two for the price of one—well... not exactly. Two for the price of two, but they arrived at the same time, and they definitely fall into the same category: Damned good television.

David Spade has made a career out of playing the snarky, thin-voiced smart ass that never appeared to move past the age of fourteen. The collection of sketches on his DVD sparked the same sentence in my head, over and over: "Oh, yeah. He did that guy."

The Rude Flight Attendant. The Rude Shop Girl. The Rude Secretary for Dick Clark...are you noticing a pattern, here? Spade's most singular talent; sitting behind a desk and making barbed remarks about other celebrities, is showcased quite well. More than one Hollywood Minute and Spade in America made the disc.

Don't get me wrong; Spade is funny and he plays to his strengths. But the DVD was as much a collection of funny sketches, as it was his demo reel for The David Spade Show. You know: Where he spends half an hour making barbed remarks about other celebrities?

On to Alec Baldwin: This is a man that fits in on SNL. He does impressions. He does terrific characters. He can take a scene and own it from first line to last. Alec Baldwin freaking rocks, and all his best moments are here, from his first appearance to latest.

Burns vs. Zinger. The sing-songy French Teacher. The wonderfully never-ending tribute to Bill Brasky. The Governor who shot Lassie. The Canteen Boy sketch, that yielded groans and 'Oh No's from the audience the minute he nuzzled up to Adam Sandler. Oh Yes. It's funny. (You know what I hate? Underpants!)

In addition to some classic sketches, both discs have photo galleries, as well as dress-rehearsal sketches that didn't make the cut. Watch Spade's. They're good. It's a fairly good thing that the sketches on Baldwin's rehearsal reel found their way to the floor. They're funny, but they both kinda... die.

If you're a fan of Saturday Night Live, you won't be disappointed when you add these to your collection. I'm up to ten of them, myself. Sweet.

Final Rating, as far as SNL DVD's are concerned? David Spade: 8. Alec Baldwin: 9.

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