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Beverly Hills 90210, Season 02
Review by Lando da Pimp

The most famous zip code 90210 isn't really the Beverly Hills code but it is the infamous teen drama from the 90's. The second season amped up the storylines with Scott shoots himself, pregnancy scare, and the appearance of Color Me Badd!

Stand Out Episodes

click hereBeach Blanket Brandon
Brenda believes she is pregnant so Dylan and Kelly take her to the gynecologist. After it turns out she isn't her ordeal isn't over when Cindy and Jim discover the test box in the trash. Meanwhile Brandon takes a new job as a cabana boy quitting the Peach Pit.

A new student Emily Valentine, who plays guitar and rides a motorcycle, is admired from all the guys. Next thing you know she is making out with both Dylan and Brandon causing friction between the two friends. But all of a sudden Brenda realizes that she still loves Dylan, and they get back together. Scott freaks David out with his love of country music, fireworks and guns.

Ashes to Ashes
An African American family moves into the neighborhood aggrivating the neighbors except for the Walshe's who don't see color. Brandon befriends the son of the new family, Robbie. When Robbie is harassed and beaten by the security patrol for no reason. Brandon writes a story for the school paper and we all learn a valuable lesson.

The Next 50 Years
Mrs. Scanlon asks David to round up the Scott's friends for a surprise birthday party. Nobody wants to attend except for Donna but convinces Kelly, Steve, Brenda, Brandon and Emily to attend. The party turns out to be lame and the gang act like jerks. During the party Scott finds his fathers gun and accidentally shoots himself and dies.

click hereThings to Do on a Rainy Day
Brenda, Kelly, Donna and David stake out the hotel to meet Donna's favorite pop group, Color Me Badd. At the hotel Donna sees her mother come out of a room and kiss a man in the hallway. When Donna confronts her mother she admits that she is having an affair. Later the band Color Me Badd concert goes to the Peach Pit to serenade Donna.

Special Features
Three featuretts are included. The first is Meet the Walshes. Carol Potter (Cindy Walsh) and James Eckhouse (Jim Walsh)look back on their days on the Beverly Hills 90210 set. The second is Our Favorite Valentine - Christine Elise discusses her role as the edgy and misunderstood Emily Valentine. The last feature recaps Everything You Need To Know About Beverly Hills 90210 Season 2.

Parting Thoughts
I loved the storylines for this season it was a great improvement over the first season. They did attempt to include every type of "teen issue" into the show. Suicide, pregnancy, drug use, steroids, racism, and of course the worst issue, the horrible music of Color Me Badd.

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Review ©2007

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