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The Brady Bunch Season 1

Review by Lando da Pimp

It's a story of a lovely lady with three lovely girls and a man with three boys of his own. Together they formed the Brady Bunch, one of the most popular television shows of all time. Now finally Paramount has begun to release the show on season DVD box sets. Of course we start from where it all began, season 1.

Stand Out Episodes
The Honeymoon (pilot)
This is the episode that started it all. Mike Brady is a single dad raising three boys with housekeeper Alice. He met and proposed to Carol Martin, who has three girls of her own. We learn in the pilot episode that Mike's first wife and the mother of Greg, Peter, and Bobby died a few years ago. Carol's first husband was never discussed, or his whereabouts. He could be dead but it was also thought that Carol was the first divorced woman on a network sitcom.

At the wedding. all havoc breaks loose when Tiger the dog chases fluffy the cat (who was never seen again) at the conclusion of the ceremony. After the wedding, Mike and Carol miss the children and bring them along on the honeymoon.

click here A Clubhouse is not a Home
When the boys refuse to allow the girls into their clubhouse, Carol and the girls build their own clubhouse. Of course girls can't build things which Mike and the boys find funny. When Cindy almost is hurt it is no longer a laughing matter and the family pulls together to build the clubhouse for the Marcia, Jan and Cindy.

The Grass is Always Greener
When Mike and Carol make a bet on what is harder—cooking or baseball, they switch roles. Carol discovers that baseball is hard on the ass while Mike discovers that cooking can cause the same pain.

click hereA Camping We Will Go
It's the first family vacation and the boys are not too happy that the girls want to tag along on their annual camping trip. When the girls ruin the fishing outing, the whole family is forced to eat the food that Carol packed.

Lost Locket Found Locket
The first of many episodes where we discover how messed up Jan really is. Feeling the pain of being a middle child, Jan receives a locket, which had no real clear sender. Both Mike and Carol suspect each other but when the locket is missing, Jan discovers that Alice sent the locket. Turns out that Alice was a middle child as well. Poor Peter is assumed to be fine.

DVD / Extras
The artwork for the DVD is a lot better than it looks from the picture. The front cover uses a ventricular print that gives the illusion that each Brady looks at each other depending on how you tilt the DVD just like in the opening and closing of the show.

click hereThe only special features included are a 20 minute documentary with the creator Sherwood Schwartz, Barry Williams (Greg), Christopher Knight (Peter), Michael Lookinland (Bobby), and Susan Olsen (Cindy) all lending their thoughts and stories of the creation of the show. It's an interesting documentary but it is nothing that any Brady fan didn't already know. I do question why the remaining cast did not participate in the feature.

click hereAudio commentaries are also included on select episode with Sherwood Schwartz, Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Michael Lookinland. The commentary is really fun at times especially when they make fun of themselves and make comments about what the cast remembers filming.

Final Thoughts
I have been a huge Brady Bunch fan my whole life. I grew up with the show in syndication. Sure, the stories are far fetched at times but the Brady Bunch is just a good wholesome show that I enjoy watching to this day.

click hereIt is great that the show is now available on DVD, but I wish that there were more extras included in the set. There has to be footage never shown on television or even photograph archives. Before each episode is the original television proclamation that the Brady Bunch is in color.

This is a must-have for anybody that loved the Brady Bunch. All of the episodes are uncut as they were shown on the original run. Overall I am happy with Season 1 and look forward to four more.

click hereWin A Copy of Season 1
I am looking for the biggest Brady Bunch fan that is deserving of this box set.
Congratulations to BradyKid for winning!

There's trivia, pics, and more for the Brady Bunch at

The First Season of the Brady Bunch is available at

Check out the official web site, and check out the Potato Sack race game!

Review ©2005

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