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The Brady Bunch Season 1

Review by Lando da Pimp

It's a story of a lovely lady with three lovely girls and a man with three boys of his own. Together they formed the Brady Bunch, one of the most popular television shows of all time. We continue living in Brady Land with season 2. The kids are a bit older but still live the Brady lifestyle.

Stand Out Episodes

The Slumber Caper
click hereAfter Mike and Carol approve of Marcia's slumber party, it is put in jeopardy when Marcia's drawing of George Washington is mistaken as a drawing of her teacher Mrs. Denton. Apparently somebody wrote on the drawing asking if this was her teacher Mrs. Denton or a hippopotamus. After believing that Marcia did not write the line they allow the slumber party to happen. This is good news for Greg, Peter, and Bobby who intend to scare the girls and put itching powder in the sleeping bags. This is my favorite episode of the Brady Bunch because the kids actually act like real kids do.

click hereThe Un-Underground Movie
For a school project Greg must film a movie about the Pilgrims landing at Plymoth Rock. During production everybody has their own ideas and suggestions for Greg who feels that the family is hampering his artistic interpretation of the event.

The Not-So-Ugly Duckling
When a boy that Jan likes shows feelings only towards Marcia we begin the depiction of Jan being "crazy." First she believes that her freckles are the problem so she rubs her face with a lemon. When that proves pointless she creates an imaginary boyfriend named George Glass. The one thing that Jan overlooks is that Marcia has boobs and a boy at Jan's age has only boobs on his mind. I know I did...Oh hell I still do.

click hereWill the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?
In another episode featuring Jan's being "crazy" we find that people have a hard time remembering which Brady girl she is. In an act to break out of her shell Jan purchases a curly black haired wig to wear to an upcoming party only to discover that people think she is joking.

click hereThe Liberation of Marcia Brady
When Marcia joins the all male frontier scouts in a retaliation of the anti-women's liberation movement, Greg becomes enraged. To get even with Marcia he convinces Peter to join the all girl Sunflower Girls club. What would the boy scouts say about this controversy?

DVD / Extras
The artwork for the DVD is similar to season one with the exception of color. Other than that we get no special features or even commentary tracks.

click hereFinal Thoughts
In my review of season 1 I pointed out about the lack of special features on a DVD for a television show that is as big as the Brady Bunch. Well Paramount has really made the most bare bones DVD they could ruining a great opportunity to include more than just the television episodes. If you are not a Brady fan, than this DVD is not for you.

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There's trivia, pics, and more for the Brady Bunch at

The Second Season of the Brady Bunch is available at

Check out the official web site, and check out the Potato Sack race game!

Review ©2005

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