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The Brady Bunch Season 4

Review by Lando da Pimp

The fourth season of the Brady Bunch contains some of the best episodes from the series. Even thought the kids grew older the tone of the episodes and stories never changed.

Stand Out Episodes

Hawaii Bound / Pass The Tabu / The Tiki Caves
This three-part episode finds the Brady's accompanying Mike to Hawaii where he is checking on the progress of a company project. When Bobby finds a tiki idol that puts a curse upon all who touch it.

click hereThe Subject was Noses
This memorable episode finds Marcia hit in the nose with a football crying out "Oh, my nose!" Because of this the dream date with Doug is ruined.

Jan, The Only Child
Feeling crowded, Jan decides that she wants to be an only child but regrets the decision when she becomes lonely.

click hereBobby's Hero
Mike and Carol are disturbed when Bobby's hero is the murderer Jesse James. After he gets in trouble in school they attempt to convince him that Jesse James is not a person to admire.

Room At the Top
After the Brady's clean out the attic, Greg and Marcia both have the idea that the space would make the ideal bedroom. After both ask permission Mike and Carol let the two work it out.

DVD / Extras
Paramount again has neglected to include any special features.

click hereFinal Thoughts
So far only season one has contained any special features. Even those were disappointing. A show as popular as the Brady Bunch deserves better. I can only recommend this set for fans of the show that have bought the other seasons.

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