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The Brady Bunch Season 5

Review by Lando da Pimp

The fifth and final season of the Brady Bunch is by far one of the strangest and a very disappointing season only because this was the downfall of the Bunch. The kiss of death was the addition of Carol's nephew Oliver to bring a younger child to the series as all of the kids begun to age. While the Oliver episodes were very strange, season 5 contains a number of positive episodes.

Stand Out Episodes

click hereAdios, Johnny Bravo
When a musical agent discovers Greg on an amateur televison show he offers him the opportunity to be the rock star Johnny Bravo. This disappoints his siblings who think Greg is deserting from the group.

Getting Greg's Goat
This episode was one of the few times where sex was brought into the show. Mike overhears Greg in the attic talking to Raquel who turns out to really be the rival school's mascot that he stole. When Raquel escapes Mike and Greg have to get the goat out of the house before Carol discovers her.

click hereSnow White and the Seven Bradys
When the Brady's favorite teacher decides to retire, Cindy volunteers the Brady family to put on a production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Tensions start to build however when the theater is double booked and all the Brady kids want to play the part of Dopey.

Marcia Gets Creamed
Marcia gets her first job working at an ice cream parlor after school. Her boyfriend, however, becomes frustrated when she has little time to spend with him. When the owner also hires Peter, Marcia ends up firing him for goofing off.

click hereMiss Popularity
Jan decides to compete in her schools (very wrong and would never happen) Miss Popularity contest. Suddenly, Jan discovers that making promises she can't keep comes back to haunt her.

DVD / Extras
Paramount again has neglected to include any special features ruining a great opportunity to take advantage of the large fan base.

click hereFinal Thoughts
The last of the Brady Bunch DVDs ends on a downer. With the six cousin Oliver episodes and the spin off Kelly's Kids episode, this is a sad way for the show to end. However, as a Brady fan, and an owner of the other seasons, this is a must have.

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Review ©2006

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