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Star Trek Fan Collective - Captain's Log
Review by Lando da Pimp

Paramount continues to release Fan Collective DVD sets. The newest dedicated to the five Star Trek captains, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer. The set contains episodes voted by Star Trek fans as the all-time favorite captain episodes from the five Star Trek series. What is very special about the set is that Paramount asked William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, and Scott Bakula to choose their favorite episode.

The Picks
Before all of the Captain's choice episodes is a short interview with each captain asking them about their favorite episode. While the interviews don't really bring about any new information it is very interesting to hear them discuss why they chose the episodes.

click hereFirst up is William Shatner's choice, "The City on the Edge of Forever." No real surprise as this is one of the best episodes in the series. What I was surprised was the fan choice episodes, "The Enterprise Incident" and "Balance of Terror." Don't get me wrong they are very enjoyable episodes, I just believe there are better episodes.

click herePatrick Stewart's captain's choice was the episode "In Theory." To me this was a strange episode to pick until I realized that this is one of the six episodes that Stewart directed. Kinda of a cop out choosing an episode that you direct. I thought the idea was that they picked an episode that was a stand out episode for their character. While "In Theory" was a good episode, I don't think it would be my pick. The fan picks for TNG were "Chain of Command" and "Darmok."

click hereOne of my favorite Star Trek episodes ever was the Deep Space Nine episode "Far Beyond the Stars" which just happens to be Avery Brooks captain pick. I found the episode to be one of the more original episode ideas and was glad to see that Avery Brooks agrees. The fan picks for Deep Space Nine are the series finale episodes "What You Leave Behind" and the episode "In the Pale Moonlight."

click hereFinding if extremely difficult to choose, Kate Mulgrew's episode choice is "Counterpoint." However the fans chose two excellent Voyager episodes, "The Omega Drive" and "Flashback." I was happy to see the fans choose Flashback as we got to see a tie in with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Oh and we get to see more Sulu. (Oh my!)

click hereFor the series Enterprise, Scott Bakula chose the episode "Judgment." Another great tie in with The Undiscovered Country as we get to see Rura Penthe. I think Enterprise would have been more successful if we had more interaction with the Kingdoms as this episode points out. The fan picks are "First Flight" and the dreadful "These are the Voyages" series finale.

Special Features
Each disc features in-depth interviews with the actors who portrayed the five captains. These interviews have them discuss what makes a good captain and looking back at the different shows.

As a Star Trek fan that owns every season of the different Star Trek shows I already have all of these episodes. But for others who don't own the different season box sets this is a pretty good collection of episodes including three of my favorite episodes, "City on the Edge of Forever", "Far Beyond the Stars", and "Flashback." The interviews with the captains don't really bring about anything new it is interesting to hear their thoughts on the shows. Recommended.

Star Trek Captain's Log will be available for purchase at Check out the rest of our Star Trek coverage

Review © 2007

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