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Chappelle's Show Season 2
Review by Lando da Pimp

A few short years ago Dave Chappelle was only a successful comedian with film roles in Half-Baked, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and Con Air. Recognition for his stand up routine led Comedy Central to offer Dave his own sketch comedy show. Now, after a second season of the Chappelle show, when people hear his name one phrase is instantly uttered, "I'm Rick James, Bitch!"

Stand Out Skits
The second season of the Chappelle Show featured hilarious skits with Prince as a basketball god, Rick James and the real Rick James, and the life of Lil' Jon. This season also included the first Racial Draft which spokespeople for different races claimed multicultural celebrities featuring Dave playing a number of characters including Tiger Woods who when claimed by the black race utters the phrase "fa-shizzle." (I had to look the spelling of that up!) The game "I Know Black People" featured average citizens of various races answer questions about black culture including "How can the Black Race Rise Up?," and "What's a "badonkadonk?"

click hereThe funniest moment from the season was the "Wayne Brady Show," an episode that Dave supposedly quit and is quickly replaced by "every white person's favorite black guy" Wayne Brady. Wayne hosts the show leading to a skit that shows Dave hanging out with Wayne Brady for the night who then proceeds to do drive by's, do drugs, and choke hookers. Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

click hereSpecial Features
Season Two contains a third disc of supplemental material including a great amount of extra stand-up material from Dave Chappelle and some of the funniest bloopers and deleted scenes. An extended interview with Rick James and two previously unseen Charlie Murphy stories are also included. Throughout the disc you can also listen to audio commentary by Dave Chappelle and Neal Brennan, co-creator.

click hereOverall
The Chappelle show is one of the freshest and funniest shows on television and this is a highly recommended DVD to watch. Owning the DVD will give you the show commercial free and uncensored, truly a great way to watch it. The special features are an interesting look into the behind the scenes of the show and gave me as much enjoyment as watching the show itself.

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