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Chapelle's Show: Season 3 - The Lost Episodes
review by Tuxxer

Dave Chappelle's work on Comedy Central has been some of the most popular, ground-breaking work in television. It's also funny as hell. For a variety of reasons, Chappelle abandoned the show's production shortly after the third season had started.

Comedy Central decided to produce the episodes anyway. This was difficult without Chappelle to host. Donnell Rawlings and Charlie Murphy, former sidekicks (yeah, sidekicks) of Chappelle host three episodes, the most they could squeeze out of Chappelle's finished (and unfinished) sketches.

The sketches are funny, but the focus of the comedy has shifted to Chappelle's stardom. It seems almost in poor taste to be running his sketches when he himself decided it wasn;t up to the same standard as earlier seasons. Rawlings and Murphy are funny, but they can't carry the show by themselves.

If you want some closure, pick up the DVD. The sketches are funny, but something's just different. I for one was left with the feeling of hanging around a party after the guest of honor had gone home, and the folks left behind had no idea what the hell to talk about.

4 out of 10.

You can pick up Chapelle's Show Season 3 from And check out clips and more on the official Chapelle Show site.

Review ©2006

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