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Charmed: Season 2

Review by Princess of Power

Last Friday I received the second complete season of Charmed. So naturally I spent all Saturday and Sunday afternoon watching the season from beginning to end. Mr. Stinkhead was in hell, but that's the way it goes. If he didn't want to be in hell, why did he even want to get married?

Like the last season, I was very disappointed at the lack of bonus features. As I said before, it would be nice to have some interviews or behind-the-scenes featurettes, especially since they have more guest appearances from various actors, and the special effects budget has clearly grown. I was even thinking that it would be interesting to learn more about Leo, since his character develops so much more during this season. But that is my only complaint. I really enjoyed watching the season at my own pace, meaning all in one sitting.

In general, Season 2 sees the sisters growing even more in their power and as independant women. The sisters face lots of new demons, for example the Brain-zapping warlocks, the watery demon that killed their mother, a genie (Stuart French!), a Dark lighter, and even the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Mr. Stinkhead liked that the groom from Wedding Singer (Glenn Guglia) made an appearance in a couple of episodes.

The Halliwell sisters also face more personal demons such as sibling rivalry, personal responsibility, career and college choices, and of course, men. Hot men.

click for largerI enjoy seeing not only their struggles with magic and their powers, but also their struggles in "real life". Prue learns more about men when she becomes one in She's a man, baby, a man!, Piper discovers her true love for hottie Leo and breaks the heart of hottie neighbor Dan, and Phoebe discovers her own type of "smarts" and decides to go back to school in The Painted World. The sisters also learn more about their mother, by facing the demon who killed her and the whitelighter who loved her in P3 H2O. (Is there some hint here that their mother and her whitelighter may have had a daughter? Interesting use of foreshadowing...)

click for larger
Mmmm... Milk.
Favorite Episodes

In Season 1, the sisters go back in time to the 70s and see themselves as kids. I particularly enjoyed the time traveling in Season 2. In Morality Bites they go forward in time to try and change Phoebe's fate from being burned at the stake. They each get a glimpse of their future selves. One sister is a workaholic, one has a daughter and an ex-husband, and one uses her powers for evil.

Another time traveling episode that I enjoyed is Pardon my past. Phoebe goes back in time to save a past self who was seduced by a warlock to give into the dark side and was killed by her sisters' past selves. Both episodes of time travel show continued character development, self discovery, and growth of their powers. Luckily for time-traveling fans, there will be more in future seasons.

click for larger
Monkeys and Milano? Heaven.
Another favorite episode is Astral Monkey when the Halliwells discover that monkeys have been injected with their powers.

These are just some of the highlights from the wonderful second season of Charmed. Both Mr. Stinkhead and myself are awaiting the delivery of Season Three, and another weekend of back-to-back magical episodes. [Mr. Stinkhead's note: If you consider hitting yourself on the head with a claw hammer magical].

PS: I still wish I had Piper's power to freeze time. Think of the cat naps during work, the smoke breaks without the boss knowing, and the power of a pause button in everyday life.

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Review ©2005

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