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Charmed: Season 4

Review by Princess of Power

We recently received the fourth season of the award winning fantasy series Charmed. Starring Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan (who replaced Shannon Doherty) as three witchy sisters who juggle demons and personal lives, as well as full time jobs on a daily basis.

Cole [Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon] is so hot!!! I'm glad he's still around even though he's bad. I love the way he tries to ruin his own wedding (Marry-Go-Round) and the love of his life. He wants to have his cake and eat it too... don't we all want to control our "true love" and be on top of both evil and good? We love the whole "he's not a demon anymore, yes he is, she doesn't know, she does know but doesn't care, she doesn't know, what?" emotional roller coaster.

We also see more of Piper's White Lighter husband Leo—who's also totally hot, and we see the relationship change just as real marriages and married couples often do. They are going through marital growing pains very realistically, which is an aspect I also appreciated about this show. The writers try to keep their heads above stupid sitcom level when dealing with their relationship. Both parties are at fault sometimes, its not just the typical bumbling-husband/over-powering-wife dynamic.

The biggest change this season however was the sudden departure of original cast member Shanon Doherty, who died in between the last episode of Season 3, and the first episode of this season. Instead of bringing Rose McGowan on to simply replace the missing sister, Shanon's character Prue is mourned, (and then actually mentioned frequently throughout the season) and Rose's Paige is introduced at her funeral in Charmed Again. Rose's character changes the dynamic of the sisters (Prue was the oldest sister, now Piper is), and the show—it's very interesting to have this huge switch. It's like the audience is going through the same changes of loss and renewal as the characters we're involved with.

There are some great comedic and action moments in this season, and if you're a fan of Charmed you won't regret picking this up. I wish there were some extra features, but after three seasons of bare-bones releases, I wasn't expecting it this time.

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