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Charmed: Season 5

Review by Princess of Power

It was with much sadness that I recently watched the very last episode of Charmed ever. Their 8th season just now came to a close; no more Piper, no more Phoebe, no more Leo, and no more Paige (yay). But I am sad about the rest of the show being finished. But, now I can get excited, the 5th season is available on DVD Tuesday.

Rose "Paige" McGowen began her run on the show in the 4th season, so she is now getting into the stride of her character. If complexity of role and character depth could be compared to shoes—how hard is it to put on flip-flops? Seriously, this woman plays dense so naturally that you'd begin to think she's not acting at all. I don't think it's a secret that my favorite sister was Piper (Holly Combs) where Mr. Stinkhead loves Phoebe (Alyssa Milano). I guess that leaves our cat Charlie to like Paige. Charlie also gets really psyched out staring at electric sockets.

I was also a big fan of Phoebe's demonic boyfriend/husband/lover Cole. Sadly this is the last full season he was in. He pops up in a future season, but this is the last bit of his residency. Two of my favorite episodes are the season opener (it's a two parter) where Phoebe becomes a scantily clad mermaid. I think every girl at one point dreams of being a mermaid for the oneness of being with nature, the freedom of the ocean, and the comfort and support of seashells. I wish I could get away with wearing seashells.

Speaking of transformations, this was also the story arc where son Wyatt was born. Piper spends a bit of the season pregnant, and juggles pregnancy with being a real witch. She is also still a magical witch. Haha. The real drama begins however when Wyatt is born, and against all premonitions and tradition, turns out to be a little dude, and not a chick.

And speaking of little dudes, I also enjoyed the episode, Lucky Charmed, staring the Leprechauns. They are so little and full of magic. Cute. Another cute episode was when the monkeys steal the sisters' senses, creating a real "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" scenario. Paige not being able to talk was a real blessing. I only wish it had carried over to the episode where she became a nymph. She is so dumb.

Another big episode was the season closer, where the sisters become goddesses, and future-boy Chris arrives. It will be interesting to watch the sixth season on DVD, as Mr. Stinkhead contends that the writers kind of fudged his whole story as they went along. His big "reveal" (which I won't ruin for you if you're watching these new for the first time) seemed too out of left field to have been planned from the beginning. Well, we'll watch them together. One or two a night, until he concedes. Shouldn't take too long.

Again, no bonus features on this season, but rumor has it that the last season's box set will have some commentaries and retrospecitves. We'll see when they come out, I'm not Phoebe...

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Review ©2006

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