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Charmed: Season 6

Review by Princess of Power

Hooray for more Charmed! This sixth season has some of my favorite episodes. I'll spill a family secret, out of all of the episodes of Charmed, this season's two-part opener "Valhalla of the Dolls" is Mr. Stinkhead's favorite. [Ed note: as in the favorite toe you like to have nailed to a board...] Between the sisters flaunting the sexy leather Valkyrie outfits, the other Valkyrie's in their leather outfits, and Leo-as-gladiator, kicking a little ass. We've always liked Leo around here, but he registers heavily on the ninny-pie side of the spectrum. But after spending five weeks as a gladiator, he has stopped taking shit from anyone.

Ok, besides that episode, there are many other things I dig about this season in particular. First off, it's great seeing Grams playing a bigger role. I love the episode Witchstock where Paige goes back in time and encountes Grams as a hippy. That episode is pretty funny.

I also like seeing the character of Wyatt growing older. A lot of sitcoms milk the baby character for awhile and then instantly age them to a young child, avoiding the difficult toddler years. Not so with Wyatt. He's also growing "magically" in his abilities. In Forget Me...Not Wyatt lets a dragon loose on the city. This is a cool all-out action episode that also features the sisters "outting" their abilities on TV.

In the episode Witch Wars, the sisters find themselves on a demonic reality show, where every move is being filmed and transmitted into a show that hordes of Demons get together to watch. It was interesting to see this spin put on the overall story.

We also get to see a lot more of Magic School in this season. Though heavily inspired by Hogwart's from Harry Potter, it does allow the characters to get away from the Manor a bit, yet keep some consistancy.

We also really get to know whitelighter-from-the-future Chris a bit more. Now that we've seen the entire story arch, seeing these introductory episodes where they don't clearly define what his motives are, is a bit interesting. Mr. Stinkhead believes that the writers made up the whole thing as they went along however.

Only two more seasons to go. I recommend this one, the sixth, particularly if you're a completist, or just a fan of the show. You can buy this six disc set from

Review ©2006

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