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Hail to the Geeks— The Dorkiest Album Covers of All Time
By Tate Blackmore

Last week, Weezer released Make Believe, their fifth, full-length album. Over the years, the band has changed, transitioning from cheeky nerd alt-rockers to shredding rockers proudly wearing their classic rock roots on their sweater sleeves. The sweet catchy hooks, snappy handclaps, and doo-wop lyrics are still there, along with another Weezer staple: the dorkiest album covers ever. (With the exception of the brilliant Pinkerton, of course!) On their self-titled debut, affectionately referred to as "the Blue Album" the boys lined up in their wrinkled thrift store shirts in front of a static blue background. Make Believe draws on this dorky power, displaying the band in front of dreamy landscape of mystic creatures. So, in honor of Make Believe, let's take a look at some of the dorkiest album covers in music history.

click for larger1.The Louvin Brothers—Satan is Real
In 1959, Ira and Charlie Louvin, the country bluegrass duo known as the Louvin Brothers, wanted to create a realistic and terrifying image of hell to compliment their dark and contemplative repertoire of gospel tunes. That almost didn't happen. Word is, the giant cardboard Satan toppled over during the photo shoot and started to burn in the fires of hell (actually a burning mound of tires). However, the brothers rescued it, brushed the soot off of their Colonel Sanders' suits, and gave us the weirdest album cover ever made. God bless 'em.

click for larger2. The Minister's Quartet—Let Me Touch Him
Waldo, Delbert, Homer, and Jack, a group of Oklahoma preachers, got together to create some down-home, southern gospel music and spread the good word...Wait. Seriously, does anything else have to be said about this? I think the title speaks for itself by simultaneously making you laugh and creeping you out.

click for larger3. Joyce—Joyce
No, it's not the soundtrack to Tootsie, it's Joyce, simply Joyce, and she's waiting in her best dress with a single rose to give to the strapping young chap who discovers her in the back of the fifty-cent bin at your local Goodwill.

click for larger4. Meco—Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk
Like Luke Skywalker entering the cave on Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars fans all over the country face a test of bravery when confronting this block of 1970's cheese at a yard sale. This ritzy disco jam full of beeps, boops, and whooshy laser effects, begs the question, "Do you really need to buy everything to be a true Star Wars fan?" However, one listen to the funkalicious rendition of the "Cantina Band Theme" will lead to a resounding "Yes!"

sorry, no larger5. The Beach Boys—Do It Again
The mainstream kings of dorky album covers (let's face it: Pet Sounds is a brilliant album with an incredibly dorky cover), The Beach Boys get cheeky cute and clever in their matching shirts and gravity-defying hair helmets for this EP cover, which is a staple at truck stops everywhere. According to Karl Koch, Weezer's friend, Web master, and "farm hand," this was the inspiration for the infamous "Blue Album" cover.

click for larger6. Country Church—Country Church
"Hey, gang, I got this nifty idea! How about we get all dolled up in our checkered pants, brush our 'staches real nice, put on our wife beater/sweater vests, and take the album cover picture out in front of the fake barnyard back drop?" Seriously, every time I look at this one, I have trouble deciding which guy is my favorite. The guy with the Danny Partridge hair on the far right is classic, but the young, clean-shaven guy staring off into God's great landscape can't be beat.

Of Course, this only scratches the surface. To send a suggestion for the dorkiest album cover ever, e-mail:

You can pick up Make Believe from

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