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I Have Lived Through Watching Dukes of Hazzard Season 5 on DVD

Review by Lando da Pimp

Every television show at one point Jumps the Shark, changing the show forever. No longer will the show be as good as it once was. Once a show "jumps", it is downhill from that point and most shows can't survive.

As a fan of Dukes of Hazzard DVDs, I knew it was coming, the dreaded season with Coy and Vance! In case you don't know who and why Coy and Vance arrived in Hazzard County here is a quick rundown.

Click for bigger In 1982 the Dukes of Hazzard was highly rated show. Before season 5 began, Schneider and Wopat (Bo and Luke) walked off the show to strike over issues relating to merchandise royalties they believed they deserved. Warner-Brothers, believed that the star of the show was not Schneider and Wopat, but the General Lee, the orange 1969 Dodge Charger. Warner Brothers hired two new actors who looked like Bo and Luke to play their cousins, Coy and Vance. The story was that Bo and Luke Bo persue an opportunity to race the NASCAR circuit. Without the General of course...

I can clearly remember not watching the show when Coy and Vance arrived. The series was cancelled after one last season, even after Bo and Luke returned, defining the "Jump the Shark" moment.

When was offered the opportunity to review season 5 of the Dukes of Hazzard, I was the only reviewer to step up to the challenge. Mostly for the promise of season 6 on DVD!

Click for bigger Stand Out Episodes
Don't be tempted by the box! All of the Dukes box sets have included photo collages of the Duke boys, the General Lee, and Daisy Duke. Coy and Vance are not on the cover leaving Warner Brothers to tempt us with a photo of Daisy Duke looking sexy as always. Encased beneath are discs with 18 of the worst Dukes of Hazzard episodes, if only because of Coy and Vance.

So I sat down and began to watch some of the episodes of the season. While I wasn't surprised I did find some episodes that don't suck. Here is the lowdown:

The New Dukes
Click for bigger The season starts right out of the box with Bo and Luke leaving Hazzard County with the voice over explaining that they are leaving for the airport to race in a NASCAR circuit. This pleases Boss Hogg that the Duke boys have left town. What is most puzzling is that the boys are not allowed to leave the state? Aren't Bo and Luke under probation?

Bo and Luke left only because their cousins Coy and Vance promise that they would help Jesse and Daisy work the farm. Coy and Vance are not the only fresh faces. Enos returns back from California as Rosco's deputy (The Enos spin-off was cancelled).

Right away Boss Hogg hates Coy and Vance as does every other Dukes fan watching. The boys must stop Boss Hogg's Mean Green Machine from robbing banks.

Witness Jesse Duke
When two criminals rob the bank Jesse loses his sight after fighting with them as they try to escape. The robbers must silence Uncle Jesse so that he can never identify them.

Click for bigger The Return of the Mean Green Machine
The Mean Green Machine returns to Hazzard causing problems for Coy and Vance. Boss has resurrected the machine and plans to use it to steal the Jefferson Davis gold coin collection on display at the Hazzard Emporium.

Boss finds himself in a "mess of trouble" when two crooks steal the Mean Green Machine. One of the crooks is one of the original drivers of the machine.

When Coy and Vance damage the Mean Green Machine the crooks kidnap Cooter to fix the machine so that they can steal the coins and take out the Dukes.

Click for biggerWelcome Back Bo & Luke
From the opening credits you realize that the first 18 episodes of the season with Coy and Vance are now over. Bo and Luke return to Hazzard County as Coy and Vance leave to help one of the other Duke aunts.

Things haven't been the same in Hazzard since they left. Cooter is struggling to pay Boss' inflated mortgage payments as Boss wants to tear down the garage for a shopping plaza. The boys NASCAR buddy, Petey Wilson, also has an accident, which looks like Cooter was the cause.

Farewell, Hazzard
Boss Hogg decides to foreclose and buy up all of the land in Hazzard County so he can develop "New Hazzard" with his business partner L.S. Pritchard. When the Dukes are stopped from making the farm mortgage payment they lose the farm. Thanks to Pritchard's goons.

As usual Boss is also being manipulated as well when the boys discover that Pritchard is planning on turning Hazzard into a strip mine. Bo and Luke must convince Boss before Hazzrd is torn down.

I survived the season intact. At first I was dreading reviewing season 5 but, I had forgotten that Coy and Vance are only in the first 18 episodes. The remaining episodes are classic Dukes of Hazzard with Bo and Luke behind the wheel. A few of the episodes like the Mean Green Machine and Witness Jesse Duke are good episodes—just not great. Overall this season's episodes are typical Duke episodes they just don't have Bo and Luke.

Season 5 caused the show to "Jump the Shark" and the Dukes of Hazzard never returned to its glory of the first few seasons. I can't recommend this DVD set to anybody that hasn't collected the previous season box sets. I can however assure you that this season is needed to complete your collection and you will be pleased with the Bo and Luke episodes when they returned.

The Dukes of Hazzard season 5 is available now from

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