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Dukes of Hazzard Season One
Now available on DVD
Review by Sheriff Stinkhead

Just the good ole boys... never meanin' no harm... as the old adage goes. Just a few weeks ago, the first season of the Dukes of Hazzard came out on DVD. 13 hours (well each episode is around 50 minutes minus commercials) of Duke goodness is all yours in a compact DVD box set. (Gooj gooj gooj)

I've been a fan of the Dukes since I was 5 or 6; I loved watching the car chases, the explosions, the DOH! moments that the bumbling cops found themselves in...I loved it when I was under 10, but would I love it now? Would that love be worth $30? I have to admit that when the opportunity to hit the 2003 Dukesfest in Sperryville, VA came up, and I got to meet Ben "Cooter" Jones and James "Roscoe" Best, being there in person with the hootin' and hollerin', watching the original stunt guys roll cop cars... I was in love all over again. (Check out that video clip... sweet!)

However, I was still a bit anxious to pick up this set. Would one or two episodes scratch that itch and I'd be out $30 and an inch of precious space on my DVD rack? Typically in a situation like this, I'd wait for one of my friends to pick up the DVD in question; I borrow it or view it at their place, and then make my buying decision. However every one of my friends was in the same boat I was, or not in the pond at all, so to speak.

So like a guy with a backed up commode, I took the plunge and picked it up at Wal*Mart for $30. The girlfriend was a bit less than thrilled, but she, for some reason, does not find the excitement in watching someone blow up an outhouse with a compound bow. Weird. I'll never understand women.

So at this point, I've watched the first 6 episodes, in two days. (I have since finished the set) Yeeeeeee-hawww, am I happier than a rooster in an untended hen house. These are great! The barnyard analogies, the hokey story lines, the requisite car chases and bumbling cops, they're all here preserved in digital glory for the ages.

© 2004 MillionairePlayboy.comI was also quite surprised that in these first few episodes, they've tackled important political issues that are just as relevant today as they were in 1979. One episode they're tracking down music pirates (no shit). In another, they're complaining about how the "Arabs have us by the throat and we need to find an alternative fuel source." Not twenty minutes earlier did Bo fill up the General for $2. Two dollars.

Now A-Team has come out on DVD, and hopefully we'll get Dukes Season Two some day, but let's look at this "low brow" entertainment from the early 80s. You had needless explosions, car chases, cars flipping over, and a small morality lesson by the end of every episode. This is a genre we need to embrace these days in the world of bikini chicks eating bugs and unscripted television shows. When it comes down to it, I'd rather the script be all cheesy as hell and a guilty pleasure, than there be no script at all.

And honestly, has there been a hotter woman on television since Catherine "Daisy Duke" Bach? No. No there hasn't. Who's that you said? No, you're wrong.

The First Season of the Dukes of Hazzard is available from

Review ©2004

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