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Farscape Series Finale: The Peacekeeper Wars

Review by Tuxxer

The series finalé for any show is usually a tricky prospect. Do you go out with a bang? Do you stay true to the formula? Are you going to eliminate any major characters or settle any old grudges? Will there be loose ends?!

Adding to those possible problems is the fact that Farscape, the popular Sci-Fi show, was cancelled at the end of its fourth season, twelve episodes short of the oh-so-vital 100th episode. To satisfy some rightly pissed-off fans, the writers needed to pack everything left into a four-hour grand slam.

Last we saw of them, John Crichton and the newly pregnant Aeryn Sun were reduced to Rubic's Cubelets in the middle of a lake, and the two best-armed races in the galaxy (the Scarrans and the Sebaceans) were ready to choke to death swallowing each other.

A lot of questions have been raised over the four year-run of the show. Would John get to go back home, for good? Would the maguffin wormhole knowledge ever be put to full use? Is Scorpius going to get the whupping he spent four years earning?

Now, I could be a real tit and just spill the beans right now. I've seen the finalé, and if you're a fan of the series in the first place; then you probably have, too. I will say this much: Peacekeeper Wars is one of the best series swansongs out there. It's got the same heady mix of comedy, suspense, action and Muppets that fans have grown to love. It has elements of a great drama (some strong Macbeth themes, here). It also succeeds in the monumental task of tying up every loose end left dangling by the show's premature cancellation. (Shame on you, Sci-Fi channel. Shame.) It satisfies. It really satisfies.

On DVD, the Special Features provide something I think every fan has been waiting for: A personal thank-you from the Farscape creators. The fan reaction was so strong when the show was cancelled, Sci-Fi channel brought the cast and crew back together for the finalé. The fans are responsible for it, and the producers look right into the camera lens and thank them for all their efforts.

They do a great behind-the-scenes piece, that shows the set being rebuilt, all the work that went into special effects, and interviews with the cast (without make-up) and their takes on favorite memories. The 2nd disk also includes storyboards, concept sketches—the works.

The only thing the discs are lacking is any kind of commentary, or information on the cast or crew. But that's the only real icing missing from one damn good cake.

I like this DVD. I really like this DVD. A great finalé', and very good features. What can I say? I give it a 9 out of 10.

You can buy this two disc set from, OR you can win it right here.

The voice of Pilot used to play another regular character on the show. What's the actor's name and who was the character?

This contest ended on February 1st. Thanks for playing.

Review ©2005

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