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The Incredible Hulk Season 1
By Lando Da Pimp

For years Dr. David Banner, warned “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” However, every time David got angry hulking out into the Incredible Hulk. Each week from 1978 to 1983, David Banner was on the run from his life attempting to rid himself of the Hulk.

A freak accident leaves David a drifter. His research destroyed and his research partner dead finds David each week helping out people in trouble. This always ends with Banner turning in to the Hulk which keeps journalist Jack McGee on David’s trail. David’s only wish is to cure himself.

Stand Out Episodes

The Pilot
Discovering research that could lead to superhuman strength, David, bombards himself with gamma radiation. Little does David know that he curses himself with the Hulk. Later that evening David, becomes angry while changing a tire and transforms into the Hulk.

click to seeHumanity
While visiting Romania, MacGyver and Thronton are held at gunpoint by mercenaries determined to destroy Ceausescu secret files. After escaping a bomb scare MacGyver is captured by a Romanian agent who fights his humanity in struggling with whether he should turn MacGyver in or let him go.

click to seeThe Final Round
On the run, David befriends Henry "Rocky" Welsh, an aspiring boxer and his young girl-friend who wishes Henry would stop boxing. David quickly discovers that Henry is duped into a heroin trafficking ring and set up on a fight he can’t win.

Terror in Times Square
Finding himself in New York, David, takes a job in an arcade befriending the owner and his daughter. What he doesn’t know is that the owner is being extorted to pay for protection.

click to seeEarthquakes Happen
In an effort to cure him David attempts to gain access to gamma radiation equipment at a Nuclear power plant. By impersonating a plant safety expert David is sidetracked when a massive earthquake occurs bringing out the Hulk.

Special Features
A very small collection of DVD features are included with the box set. Audio commentary on the pilot episode by director Kenneth Johnson provides a unique take on the making of the show. On disc 4 is an episode from season 2 titled “Stop the Presses” starring Pat Morita.

click to seeclick to seeOverall
I love this show even though it was never faithful to its source material. The obvious change is the characters name from Bruce to David. This was done because the network at the time felt that the name Bruce was allegedly, "too gay.” Bill Bixby really made you feel for David. Along with the sad piano music I always felt sad for the character.

I am glad that the season box sets are finally coming to DVD. I only wish we had more features. Recommended.

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Review ©2006

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