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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart INDecision 2004

Review by Lando da Pimp

Each night I look forward to watching The Daily Show for the "fake news." At times the Daily Show provides a breath of fresh air to the news and their coverage of the 2004 presidential election put the inflated egos of the news media in their places. More times than ever The Daily Show's "fake news" is more genuine than the "real news" that you can see on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

The Indecision 2004 DVD is a three disc set containing all the episodes of the Democratic and Republican conventions along with a slew of bonus material of reports that relate to the election.

Click for biggerStand Out Moments
Throughout the Daily Show's coverage of the conventions, the funniest moments are the recorded reports filed by Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, Rob Corddry, and Ed Helms.

During the Democratic convention Rob Corddry gives a tour of Boston including his childhood memories of growing up and interviews with his father. Stephen Colbert's wrap up of the Democratic convention features highlights of his experience including dancing with convention attendees and cleaning the NBC news window.

Click for biggerThe Republican convention features reports from Rob Corddry on the safety of attending the convention and Zell Miller explodes! Jon Stewart's news report on the speeches however point out the absurdness of a number convention speakers.

The third disc contains the bonus materials. This is the best part of the DVD. Each Daily Show reporter has their own set of bonus materials. Stephen Colbert's Democratic Convention report of the Democrats addresses every minority's concerns, but his real agenda is to hear the lesbian's sexual experiences. Samantha Bee shows us how to start your own 527 Organization in which she creates an ad accusing George Bush and John Kerry of raping her grandmother. A video shown at the Emmy Awards promotes that we should not trust our country to the father of our country by the Continental Skiff Boat Oarsmen for Veracity. Here the Daily Show mimics the Vietnam Skiff Boat ads warning that George Washington may not be what he appears to be.

Other bonus materials include John Edward's announcement on the show declaring his Presidential candidacy and coverage of the First Presidential Debate: The Squabble in Coral Gables.

Click for biggerOverall
How can you not want to own this DVD? I have been waiting for a collection of Daily Show moments. This is definitely a DVD that you can pull out for people to show them the funniest moments from the Daily Show's Election Coverage.

As much as I like watching the show, I was not as interested in watching the entire program again. Along with the news coverage and reports are also the guest interviews. As funny as they are, I find myself only watching the recorded field reports, which tend to be the funniest moments on the show.

Click for bigger A report a while back stated that more young people get their news from the Daily Show than the real news. I have to admit that I would rather get my news from Jon Stewart then any of the 24 hour news stations.

You can pick up this DVD from

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