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Click here to buy Kaiju Big Battel: The Shocking Truth
review by: Jager

Just when we thought Kaiju was out of surprises, they decide to tell us the truth. And nothing could be more entertaining. Sure it's laced with Dr. Cube's propaganda, but what isn't these days? This DVD is full of fun that will appeal to those new to the world of city crushing monsters, and those of us who can actually tell Pablo Plantain from Pedro. This, KBB's second DVD, delivers the goods that some felt were lacking in Terebi Sento. So just what can you expect? Read on, good reader.

The meat of the DVD comes in the form of what I call Foam Operas. There are many little stories that have been hinted at with various videos on and at live Battels. We are treated to a tour of Dino Kang Jr's cave, an episode of the Neo Teppin show (this Hero kicks serious butt!), a look at some famous Battels, and then Dr. Cube takes control of the DVD and blabs about how great he is. In the midst of his banter there are some real gems though. Like a look at his hand in the rise and fall of Silver Potato. Could this be the truth hinted at in the title? Also, there's a "remix" (I use that term loosely) of J-Pop song Peel me Now by the good (I use that term even more loosely) Dr. himself. But the proverbial cherry on top comes at the last of the main section. The Braveheart inspired Battel between Team Spacebug (yay!!) and Dr. Cube's Posse. This is a spectacle for which words just can't do justice. Oh okay, I'll try. This is by far the biggest—most no holds barred—every monster for itself Battel to ever occur. And there's even a crazy Scotsman and flying sheep. But here's the kicker. I know many people on the Big Board who will never be the same when they see who's left dead on the Battelfield. How's that for shocking!?!

The extras are always what push a DVD over the top and this one does Sylvester proud. We have a feature on What is Kaiju? This isn't just a ho-hum read along, it's totally live action. We get our first glimpse of the Kaiju Regulatory Commission, but sadly not the Commissioner himself. There's a brief bio of each faction, and if you need more details check out the Hello Kaiju section. There's also live event trailers, a quiz from Louden Noxious himself, famous Battel clips and what we all were hoping for: Full Live Battels! I'll let you be surprised with the brawls, but I promise you won't be disappointed.

click meThe ambition of this project is huge and I'm inclined to say that the studio delivered. The stories are funny and action packed, the What is Kaiju being live action (almost E! True Hollywood Story style) is fantastic, and the specials are just icing on the cake. I have always been a loud proponent of live Kaiju action over DVDs, but this one quieted me down. I like being able to watch it again, pause the screen to look for me/friends in the crowd, and watching the extra storylines is rad. Not coming home covered in Gomi-Man's toxic waste is a plus too (that stuff really stinks!!).

If you know someone who likes Godzilla type action, sentai programs, wrestling, or just good ol' silliness they'd love the Shocking Truth.

Pre-order The Shocking Truth at Kaiju's Mall and get a sweet bumper sticker that's not available anywhere else. The DVD ships on April 12th. has all your Monster loving needs. And a message board that could use your input!

read all of our collected Kaiju KoverageWe've been fortunate enough to interview Dr. Cube a few times, been to a Battel, and even read the book. Check out our own Kaiju Koverage page.

Want a copy of The Shocking Truth for free? Get a job, ya freeloader! Actually, we're giving away a copy of the DVD to the person who answers this question the most creatively: If you were a Kaiju monster (or human), who would you be and why? We're not looking for a term paper here, just a sentence or two will do. Email your thoughts to before March 31st, 2005. Good luck!

Review ©2005

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