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A Date With Anna: The Making of the Anna Kournikova Calendar
With Mr. Stinkhead

Anna Kournikova DVDWhat to tell your Girlfriend:
This documentary outlines both the athletic career of the tennis phenom and her struggles and achievement in personal self-expression. We follow the incredible journey as one strong-willed young woman discovers her inner beauty and incredible independence. The romantic locales and exotic cultural ambiance frame each intimate moment. The seasoned photographer delicately finds the beauty beneath the brawn, and shares his discovery with taste and finesse.

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Click hereWe recently received this gem to give away, so I called Tuxxer over and we popped it in. The 43 minute expose details the work put into producing the lovely photos that greet you each month in Ms. Kournikova's calendar. Instantly we're whisked away to Tamaulipas, Mexico and watch as Anna tries on different outfits and poses oh-so-sexily. Overall this DVD is very entertaining, and informative! Well, I've watched a lot of making-of specials on E! I didn't learn too much I didn't already know as an aspiring fashion photographer (currently seeking free models), but it was fun seeing the athlete shine. The locale is gorgeous, and Ms. Kournikova is a treat to watch.

Click hereWe would like to give props to the two smart/lucky guys that make an appearance. One is "the-guy-who-gingerly-applies-lotion-to-Anna's-bare-midriff," or as Tuxxer calls him "the-guy-who-most-certainly-sold-his-soul-to-the-Dark-Lord." The other lucky/smart guy is the genius that decided to give the bathing suit clad Kournikova a set of maracas. There is one segment where Anna gets a little bored as the photographer and assistants fuss over the lighting. To keep Anna pacified, someone hands her the maracas, and she excitedly shakes them as the shot is constructed. Good call man, good call.

Click hereTuxxer attempted to assemble a quote for this review early on. I'll try my best to transcribe it here, "Be sure to mention the --hohhhaaaaahhhhhhaaa."

Click hereYou can watch trailers, buy the film and get additional info from Lions Gate Films.

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