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MacGuyver Season 3

Review by Lando da Pimp

I have to admit that before I received this box set in the mail, I had never seen an episode of MacGyver. The show, for me, was always the show that Patty and Selma from The Simpson's gushed over. When Paramount offered the set for review, I decided that I should check out this show.

What did I find? A good old 1980's action-adventure show that is on par with A-Team, Airwolf, and Knight Rider. This show is so good.

Click for biggerHere is the synopsis. Richard Dean Anderson stars as the man with the mullet, Angus MacGyver. MacGyver is a secret agent whose knowledge of physics is his weapon. Using everyday items, MacGyver can find his way out of any situation. The commercial for this box set shows a woman ask MacGyver "I suppose you can make an explosive out of chewing gum?" to which MacGyver replies "Why? Got some?"

Stand Out Episodes

Jack In the Box
MacGyver receives a call from his friend Jack Dalton who was arrested in a small town prison camp. When MacGyver investigates his friend's disappearance, the local authorities throw MacGyver in prison as well. Turns out that the prison labor camp is used to search for a hidden bank robbery loot.

Click for biggerHell Week
MacGyver is asked to judge a physics competition at his alma mater as a favor for his old mentor. When the professor's son fails to win the competition he becomes despondenent and barricades himself in the lab with a bomb. If Mac can't disarm the bomb, everybody on campus is at risk.

The Widowmaker
MacGyver's old nemesis Murdock returns for revenge against MacGyver. MacGyver is caught off guard as he is currently grieving for his best friend Mike, who fell to her death.

Click for biggerThe Endangered
While visiting an old girlfriend at an animal preserve, MacGyver ends up helping his ex battle poachers killing endangered species. This hurts his plan on reconciling with her.

Special Features
This is a bare bones release with no special features.

Click for biggerOverall
It was a lot of fun to discover this old show. Since I am new to MacGyver, I didn't mind the lack of extras. Fans of the show will enjoy this DVD but it is a shame that they couldn't have gotten some bonuses put on there.

MacGuyver season 3 is available now from

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