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MacGuyver Season 4

Review by Lando da Pimp

Now that I am a MacGyver fan (see season 3 review) I couldn't wait for Season 4 to be released. This season finds MacGyver in very dangerous situations as usual. It also provides the viewer with a better glimpse of who MacGyver is.

Stand Out Episodes

Collision Course
A new race car engine has been developed by the Phoenix Foundation with MacGyver's friend testing it out. After his friend is injured in a crash its up to MacGyver to drive the car. Big Surprise!

Click for biggerThe Secret of Parker House
Season 4 begins with the return of Penny Parker played by Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher. The episode if you can guess involves MacGyver investigates a haunted house.

When military-grade Anthrax is stolen MacGyver is asked to recover it because of the person who took it. It turns out that that a friend of MacGyvers who's a retired Naval officer is still affected by an old head trauma.

Click for biggerBlood Brothers
If you ever wondered why MacGyver doesn't like or use a gun the episode Blood Brothers explains why. Told partially in flashbacks to when MacGyver is a child the personal tragedy MacGyver suffers makes MacGyver swear he will never use a gun.

Click for biggerGold Rush
After a plane filled with gold crashes somewhere in Alaska. MacGyver with a group of Soviets attempt to retrieve the gold only to discover somebody has beaten them to it.

Special Features
This is a bare bones release with no special features.

The lack of extras on any of the MacGyver DVD sets is really disappointing and only fans of the show will pick up.

MacGuyver season 4 is available now from

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