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MacGuyver Season 5

Review by Lando da Pimp

This is another great MacGyver season that focused on MacGyver's Green Beret skills that were really put to the test.

Stand Out Episodes

The Madonna
MacGyver helps priest of a poor church locate the Madonna figure that was stolen. He also shows his friends how to keep the Challenger Club solvent and a strange woman that leads to a miracle.

Click for biggerCease Fire
After fight with a sniper, MacGyver is forced to run and hide out in a private girls's school where he meets Blossom! Mac's only hope is this young girl who will help him prevent further bloodshed.

Halloween Knights
When MacGyver is unable to locate Jack he discovers clues leading to a cemetery. The cemetery leads to Murdoc's trap, who then enlists MacGyver to search for his sister in a cartel's club on Halloween.

Click for biggerRush to Judgement
During a jury sequester, MacGyver breaks away to investigate a murder that he feels his racially charged. This leads to the truth that alters the outcome of the trial.

MacGyver experiences a near-death phenomena where, he sees his parents again. This comes at the same time when MacGyver is worried about his ill Grandfather Harry.

Click for bigger Special Features
This is a bare bones release with no special features.

I found Season 5 to be a very great season. With only two more seasons to go I am excited about the shows but, disappointed with the lack of extras.

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