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MacGuyver Season 6
By Lando Da Pimp

Season 6 is another great MacGyver season, leaving us with one final season to review. As a new fan to MacGyver I don't see a big change in the show. Long time fans of the show however feel that the show has "jumped the shark" but, I really see no difference.

Stand Out Episodes

Tough Boys
The season begins with MacGyver visiting an old friend only to find him at odds with a militant youth leader. Mac suspects the leader is organizing a gang of young vigilantes, the Tough Boys. Who with a bad 80's rap song about them use extreme measures to clean the neighborhood drug problems.

click to seeHumanity
While visiting Romania, MacGyver and Thronton are held at gunpoint by mercenaries determined to destroy Ceausescu secret files. After escaping a bomb scare MacGyver is captured by a Romanian agent who fights his humanity in struggling with whether he should turn MacGyver in or let him go.

click to seeThe Visitor
Helping with a new hospital, Macgyver witnesses a UFO sighting that leaves crop circles in a field. When he investigates the strange sighting Mac, discovers that the UFO is a scam.

Eye of Orisis
Helping out with an archeological dig for the tomb of Alexander the Great, Mac discovers that the dig is nearly shut down based on numerous incidents of bad luck. These incidents turn out to be caused by a vengeful man who tries to stop MacGyver from investigating by locking him in a tomb.

click to seeStrictly Business
Returning from retirement, Murdoc is desperate to rejoin Homicide International. H.I. requests Murdoc kill MacGyver demonstrating his loyalty. MacGyver was the only job Murdoc failed to complete making the decision to kill Mac an easy one.

Special Features
This is a bare bones release with no special features.

click to seeOverall
Season 6 is a lot of fun and after writing the stand out episodes I can see that the show did become a bit more outrageous from previous seasons. I am having a lot of fun with all the seasons and with only one season left I wonder if the MacGyver films will ever be released. As always the DVD is recommended for fans of the show.

Check out our review of the previous seasons. You can buy the the sixth season of MacGuyver from

Review ©2006

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