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The Man Show Season 3
by Mr. Stinkhead

First thing I have to tell you is that this season still has Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel. Whenever I mention to people I've been watching the third season of Man Show for the last couple of days, they unanimously retort Man it sucked after Adam and Jimmy left. I agree. However Adam and Jimmy are there, beer in hand, surrounded by Juggies, and this season is as funny as ever.

I'm a guy's guy (or at least I try to be... I am married). I like beer, I like bacon, I like boobs. I like my movies with explosions, motorcycle chases, and boobs. I like my magazines with hard-hitting investigative reporting, poignant lifestyle articles, and a healthy serving of boobs. I'm a guy, and I'm proud of it. My favorite aspect of The Man Show is that Adam and Jimmy look at what it means to be a guy, an unapologetic, aficionado of the finer things. The things that make us feel good. Yeah, you could get any two bozos, get em drunk and surround them with women, but then you'd have The Man Show's fifth season. Adam and Jimmy may bring, well it's hard to argue intelligence but there is undisputedly inspiration in their hearts.

Now it is The Man Show so I can't go on and on about culturally redeeming qualities, or character development, or plot... but I can tell you some of the moments that really cracked me up.

One of my favorite skits ever, is when Adam and Jimmy dress up like pilots, go to the local airport and proceed to get smashed. They park themselves at the airport bar, and after too many drinks, start wandering around the airport, and recording the reactions. It takes some guts to pull off a stunt like that, but it's hilarious. I love when Jimmy is on the luggage cart (being pushed by Adam), and he has his arms out like wings, and he's making airplane noises. That is heart, my friend. And a dedication to comedy, that and a half-passed out Jimmy desparately pawing at people from a large planter.

Here is a clip: [Windows Media | Quicktime ]

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Tell us where you'd take a Juggy on a date
creativity counts

This 4-DISC set contains over 9 hours of Man Show madness including all 26 episodes, along with an array of hilarious bonus footage that sadly was left on the cutting room floor!

Season 3 topics include:

  • Sperm Banks
  • Drunken Pilots
  • Breast Feeding Juggies
  • Got Gas
  • Assoholics Anonymous
  • Undercover Bartenders

Here is a Man Show: DVD E-card and you can buy the third season on DVD from

For more proof of my "guyness" check out my Guys' Guide to France

Review ©2005

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