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The Muppet Show Season 2
Review by Lando da Pimp

Season 2 of The Muppet Show, from the 1977-1978 television season, is one of the funniest seasons of the show. After a rough first season start, Henson and company found their niche.

The second season brought about the new opening gag skit before the opening credits. Waldorf and Statler are now also more involved in the opening song along with muppets dancing through the arches. We also got the ongoing gag of Skooter's Uncle threatening to close the theater.

Small changes to the look of the Muppets also took place in the second season. The cast grew with more and more Muppets that were more polished to how they look today. Electric Mayhem Bass player Janice's voice changed to the stoner, hippie style voice. Miss Piggy also was given a make over to a more pig look.

click hereEach week the muppets do their best to keep the zany variety style show going. It's so surprising how many A-List celebs (at that time) the show was able to host. George Burns, Elton John, John Cleese, and Bob Hope all made appearances on the second season. It doesn't seem to matter how big or prestigious the guest star was the Muppet skits will always be strange and put the guest star in bizarre circumstances and musical songs.

The DVD packaging has a close-up of Piggy's face with a plush, fuzzy, covering that helps give the Muppet look and feel. All 24 episodes in season two, are available on four discs. Each disc menu opens up with a newly filmed welcome from Kermit and Fozzie and Animal and Rizzo the Rat.

click hereSpecial Features
Muppet fans will rejoice with the fact that the original 1974 television pilot, The Muppets Valentine Day Special is included with a very rarely scene puppet Wally hosting. Also included is the Weezer video "Keep Fishin" and a 20 minute documentry of "The Muppets on the Muppets."

Parting Thoughts
Unlike Season One, Seasons Two is complete (a few musical numbers were cut from Season One.) While the special features are small, just having the show on DVD is great. I continue hoping there is some behind the scenes footage that they are holding on to for future season sets. Easily Recommended

The Muppets Season 2 will be available for purchase at

Review ©2007

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