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The Muppet Show Season 3
Review by Jager

The Muppet Show Season 3 ('78-79) just came out on DVD featuring the complete season of 24 episodes as well as some great special features. The Muppeteers had really hit full stride by their third season and you can tell they are getting very comfortable with their characters and don't have any problems improvising if needed. The laughs are a plenty and the guest stars are some of the best yet.

This season features the likes of rocker Alice Cooper, country legends Roy Clark and Loretta Lynn, Liberace's piano stylings, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans yodel the night away, Gilda Radner feels right at home, and who knew Sylvester Stallone could sing?! Of course the Muppets bring their own brand of zany hilarity into the season with crazy songs featuring monsters, worms, terrible rhymes, and hokey jokes. Staples like Fozzie's stand-up, the dance hall jokes, Gonzo's tricks, and Muppet Labs are there as well to bring back memories from our childhood. I can remember watching these with my parents and click herethey would laugh at totally different jokes than me, and now I understand. There are multiple levels to this show's jokes. Some slapstick for the kids (adults like that too), and there are some more adult jokes thrown in for the parents. I love when shows do that, and the Muppet Show does it in spades. But what I couldn't get over upon this viewing were the sets for the show. The backdrops, props, and sets themselves are very elaborate. The amount of time that must have gone into each piece is astounding. Things like this are what shows us the people creating the show loved what they were doing and really gave it all they had to make it the best show possible. And honestly, that is why the show is so timeless, or was aired at all really.

click hereThe extra features included in the set are the best offered yet from the three seasons. Muppets on Puppets (see the clip below!) is a special filmed for a local television station (pre-PBS) that has Jim Henson and Rowlf showing the audience what being a puppeteer is. There are also some commercials starring the Muppets that were aired on television. But the most riveting special is A Company of Players where behind the scenes footage from the seventies is put together with modern interviews and older interviews in a fantastic look at what was below the Muppets while the show was being filmed.

There are only two more seasons left of the Muppets and while I can't wait to see next season (especially the Star Wars episode), Season Three is a great season full of fun and originality.

If you really love the Muppets, check out our Pigs in Space photo comic, or our Statler & Waldorf interactive web browser tool! (They insult the web sites you visit.

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Check out this clip from Muppets on Puppets

Review ©2008

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