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MXC: Season 2

Review by Mr. Stinkhead

I love Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, also known as MXC. If you're not familiar, you've probably heard of this show. The minds behind MXC import an old 80s game show from Japan (called Takeshi's Castle) trim it down, redub over the voices with ridiculous non-sequitors (I smell like cheese!) and raunchy double entendres (Impetuous meat apron!) for hilarious results. This show usually comes on around 11:00 on Spike TV. Usually at this hour, we need something ridiculous to unwind and just laugh at. You don't need to pay attention to entire show, you can ease in and out, and still enjoy it.

One of the things I love is that—even though there is a strict formula,—it consistently feels fresh. Ever since we've set our DVR to MXC, I always have a fresh bit of goofy misappropriated Japanese goodness waiting for me at the end of a long day. Now they're organized and packaged to watch whenever, and to the delight of my brother-in-law... on the go! This two disc set features an uncut original episode of Takeshi's Castle, as well a behind the scenes tour of the MXC studio. It was actually pretty fun watching the voices behind each character get into the spirit. There really is no great mystery here folks, but it's fun seeing the faces for the voices.

It would be easier reviewing a salad bar than an episode of MXC. Given the formula and a ten minute sample viewing, you either love it or you hate it. Part of the suspense if whether or not your favorite games are going to be in any particular episode. Why don't I share with you my favorite games included in the episodes?

Brass Balls
Contestants are high up on a narrow rickety bridge, first they must catch a golden volleyball and carry it to the other side of the bridge. All the while, there are some jerks shooting high-speed volleyballs at you as you try to cross.

Boulder Dash
The number one game I wish I could build in my back yard, contestants run up a steep slope within a narrow shoot while gigantic foam boulders are rolled down at you. There are several pockets along the way in which you can try to avoid the boulders, but most have someone inside, ready to push you out into harm's way.

Skid Markers
The contestant is given an oversized Japanese brush, and must climb a steep incline and draw an assigned object, all the while, henchman at the top are trying to spray them with a fire hose. This game birthed my Catbird on a Stick obsession, but sadly is not included with this season.

Hand Job
I love any game where the contestants wear obnoxious outfits, but in this one in particular, they are dressed like a gigantic hand, with their head poking out of the palm. A question is read out, and the contestants must all run for the correct answer (printed on cards on the ground) and pile onto it. Looks hilarious.

There are tons of games, but those are my favorite. Seriously, if you're a fan of MXC, it's great having this at your disposal to watch whenever you want. Besides that, the extras are great. And with out the obnoxious mini-promos for other shows going on at the bottom, it's better than "live."

Due to licensing rights, one of the fan favorite episodes, Monsters vs Mascots, had to be significantly trimmed to get on DVD. I'm sorry folks, but them's the berries.

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