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The Office Season 2

Review by Lando da Pimp

Continuing with their adaptation of British comedies, NBC turned to Britains biggest show "The Office." Filmed as a faux documentary about a sales and accounting staff at the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin, Steve Carell and the rest of the cast has created a scary yet eerily accurate parody of life in an actual office.

Stand Out Episodes
While the first season of "The Office" only ran six episodes, NBC, gave the show a chance with a second season. The show proved itself that it was as good, and in my opinion, better than the British inspiration. I believe that the second season was a success with a move away from the established main characters (Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, and Ryan) and allow the supporting cast to play a bigger role.

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The Dundies
Michaelís annual "Dunder-Mifflin" awards "The Dundies" takes place at the local Chiliís restaurant. Each year the employees dread the event that awards their embarrassing ___. The event leads to Pam being drunk and Dwight attempting to discover what the negative comments say in the ladies room.

The Client
Michael and Jan meet a big potential client at Chiliís where Michael bonds with him and lands the account. Celebrating Michael and Jan share a kiss that keeps the office abuzz. Meanwhile with Michael out of the office Pam discovers a screenplay written by Michael. A table script read ensues with a fireworks show afterwards.

click herePerformance Review
The office yearly performance reviews are overshadowed by the discussion of what went on with Michael and Jan. Hoping to impress Jan, Michael, reviews the suggestion box ideas that prove to hurt more than help.

The Christmas Party
The simple $20 secret santa gift exchange is ruined when Michael buys a video iPod only to receive a handmade oven mitt. This leads to Michael starting a "Yankee Swap" in the hopes of receiving something good. This leads to Michael buying everybody a bottle of vodka to enhance the party.

click hereThe Injury
Michael burns his foot on his George Forman grill in an attempt to wake up to the smell of bacon cooking in the morning. Dwight is sent to help Michael only to crash his car and suffering a concussion. When the office notices a change in Dwight they take him to the hospital where Michael is upset with a lack of compassion for his disability.

Valentines Day
Michael heads to New York City, for a meeting with the other branch managers, where he provides a tour of the city's fine cuisine of TGI Fridays and Sbarro's. Meanwhile Dwight receives a Dwight look-a-like bobblehead from Angela and Phyllis is inundated with gifts.

click hereDwight's Speech
Dwight is awarded Salesman of the Year where he must make a speech to the large audience. With some help from Michael, Jim, and Mussolini; Dwight wins over the crowd with a passionate speech.

Season 1's DVD was a bare bones release. With the success of the second season, NBC, loaded the set with special features including deleted scenes, bloopers, and the internet only webisodes "The Accountants."


click hereParting Thoughts
I was so impressed with this DVD that I can't stress enough how great this show is and how wonderful the DVD is. While some people try and compare this show to its British counterpart, the show has come into itís own. The broadening of the background characters brought the show to the best comedy on TV. The DVD presents the show in a well produced comprehensive collection with extras that at time be more than 30 minutes. Fans of the show will eat up the bonus material while "office virgins" will enjoy this DVD to catch-up with the buzz.

The second season of The Office is available at

Review ©2006

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