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spacer Music Spacer Here are some CDs that will help make your bachelor pad complete.

Playboy Jazz: Jazz After Dark (Various Artists)
Concord Records
4 out 5

Playboy Jazz presents Jazz After Dark, the ultimate 2-CD collection of late-night, mood-setting jazz. From the soft whisper of a Miles Davis muted trumpet, to the blue tint of a heartfelt Billie Holiday phrase, jazz creates the evocative, cool-yet-sultry and soulful-yet-sophisticated ambiance that no other music can evoke. The perfect sounds for creating that after hours mood—from Round About Midnight well into The Wee Small Hours of the Morning— put on Jazz After Dark, dim the lights, and listen as timeless music and romance fill air.

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Featuring: Billie Holiday, Charlie Byrd, Curtis Stigers, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, Mel Tormé, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Tony Bennett & more

Soulive: Soulive (4.08.03)
Blue Note Records
Review by Skip Protection
4 out 5

Perhaps the most striking element of jazz is hearing that sweet complexity of rhythms and beats in a smoke-filled bar and sipping on some hard liquor. Boston trio Soulive's funkified newest release, the self-titled live LP Soulive, delivers it right to your speakers. Already veteran jazz artists, members Eric Krasno and bros. Neal & Allen Evans bring out a new direction for the genre and while still in their 20s. Whether you're sitting at home alone or entertaining the ladies, track after track will set the right mood. Blending a hip-hop vibe with traditional jazz sensibilities, Soulive packs this album with enough jams to make anyone a quick fan on this fresh take.

Try if you like: Big Apple Trio and Maceo Parker

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Visit Soulive's website.

Ultra Lounge: Fuzzy Sampler (1996)
Capitol Records
3 out 5

Capitol Records' Ultra Lounge series features digitally remastered recordings from the original artists. To most, this is considered the definative collection of swanky bachelor pad music. A cool mix of funk, swing, and a twist of olive, the lounge offers such classics as Martin Denny, Les Baxter, Louis Prima, Dean Martin and more. This fuzzy leopard sampler (the case is really fuzzy) is a taste of the entire 25 disc set. This particular disc has two songs from the first twelve titles, and is great for popping in the Hi-Fi and chillaxin. If there is a song you truly dig, look up the volume number and you can get that individually themed CD.
I would not reccommend this CD for getting down and dirty with the ladies... that's a different album. This one sets the mood and clears your head.

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This album won the 1996 Grammy for Best Compilation

Ultra Lounge: Vegas Baby! (2002)
Capitol Records
5 out 5

The Ultra Lounge's latest compilation features songs for Vegas! Great party or road trip mix to say the least. Including Tom Jones, Wayne Newton, Sammy Davis Jr., this disc will put you amoung the lights and schmaltz. Though lacking a seemingly requisite Sinatra, this set would make a great gift or mood enhancer for your next soirée. If you liked the Swinger's movie soundtrack, this album is a must.

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This limited edition has a felt cover and toy "roulette wheel"

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