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The Adventures of Pete & Pete Season 1

Review by Lando da Pimp

The year was 1993. Nickelodeon was Sponge Bob and Rugrats free. Double Dare was dumping Green slime on people and shows like Clarissa Explains it All and Salute Your Shorts aired constantly. One show however was very different. That show was The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

Pete and Pete started off as just a series of small shorts that were shown during commercial breaks. The shorts were developed in to a weekly show that lasted for only three seasons. The show starred older Pete (Michael C. Maronna) and his younger brother Pete (Danny Tamberelli) and chronicled their bizarre adventures. The stories are by no means normal and border on the surreal at times. The Pete's mom had a metal plate in her head that picked up radio stations. Young Pete had his very own superhero Artie— the Strongest Man... in the World. There is even reason to believe of an adult conspiracy against kids.

click hereStand Out Episodes
The shorts of Pete and Pete were developed into a series of specials, which led into a weekly series. Originally, these specials did not have the opening sequence and closing credits. They were re-edited to look more like the series and are included on the DVD as bonus specials.

click hereKing of the Road (KINGOFROD)
It was time for the Wrigley family to make their annual trip to the Hoover Dam. The Pete's Dad believes himself to be King of the Road. He always makes it to his destination on time as well as packing the family luggage on the roof of the car in a very orderly fashion. On the way to the Dam the Pete's Dad, meets his arch rival, who also proclaims himself King of the Road. The Wrigley's must support their dad by creating the highest pack on top of the car (while moving) proving once and for all that their Dad is the true king!

click hereHard Day's Pete
Little Pete discovers his favorite song on his way to school one day but loses the song, and then tries to find it again. With no luck of finding the song on the radio, little Pete starts a band with his math teacher, and the electric meter reader to discover the song.

The Nightcrawlers
Little Pete and his friends (proclaiming themselves the Nightcrawlers) attempt to stay awake for eleven days to break the world record and destroy the International Adult Conspiracy scheming on making kids go to bed on time! One by one each neighborhood kid falls asleep leaving little Pete to finally give up beating the record.

click hereWhat We Did On Our Summer Vacation
Each summer the mysterious Mr. Tasty rides in to town selling Ice Cream. When the Pete's start asking too many questions about Mr. Tasty they drive the Ice Cream man away. With a lack of ice cream to help cool off the hot summer days the neighborhood kids start a full country-wide search for Mr. Tasty. Look out for a cameo by Michael Stipe.

click hereSpecial Features
Season One has very little features. Two of the original shorts The Burping Room and Mom's Plate are also included. Three of the episodes have audio commentaries with the creators and director. I was hoping for a feature with the cast of the show about what they are doing now and their thoughts on the series.

click hereOverall
The Adventures of Pete and Pete was a strange show that never got the attention it deserved. After three seasons the show was cancelled. No real reason was given. Many believe that the show's stars were aging to fast, making it un-appealing to kids. This is a must have for anybody who loved the show. The transfers are not great and the lack of any real extras is disappointing but the quality of the writing and ideas that the show developed are well worth it.

You can pick up the first season of The Adventures of Pete & Pete from

Review ©2005

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