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The Adventures of Pete and Pete Season 2

Review by Lando da Pimp

The Adventures of Pete and Pete was a show that was ahead of its time. You either love it or hate it, but you can't deny that the show was one of the oddest shows on television.

Stand Out Episodes
While season one is the best of the series the second season did have its moments, mostly because of the guest stars.

Big Pete finds that he has lost his Halloween spirit. In the meantime the town is terrorized by the Halloween terror gang, the Pumpkin Eaters.

click hereGrounded For Life
After ruining his dad's prized lawn, little Pete is grounded for the entire summer. Unable to accept this, little Pete digs his way out of the house to freedom. Ziggy Pop guest stars.

Sick Day
Little Pete fakes food poisoning to stay home from school. Being home is not enough for little Pete who breaks the cardinal rule and ventures outside risking being seen.

click hereTime Tunnel
Big Pete finally gets the nerve to ask out Ellen for a date forgetting about his plan with little Pete to travel back in time for Daylight Savings Time.

click hereSpecial Features
Season two has a number audio commentaries from the creators and Michael Marrona (Big Pete) & Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete). The Second series shorts are also included.

Seriously Dude... wtfOverall
While I was a bit disappointed with the extras in season one, season two is an improvement. While I am still hoping for a documentary of the making of show it was good to hear audio commentaries from the two actors. Recommended for fans of the show.

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Review ©2005

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