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Phish Live in Brooklyn
Reviewed by Jager

Picking up the jam-band torch where the Grateful Dead left off, Phish rocked many venues and stereos before breaking up in 2004; leaving many a Phish-head with nothing to do. I never toured with the group, but I did take in more than a couple shows before they took their final bow (who sat on the side of the highway with me for Coventry?) and I still like to listen to their albums. One of the coolest things about Phish was their policy on bootlegs. Not only did they not mind the local head shop selling home made tapes of their shows, they also put out albums of their favorite venues with better sound quality. Live at Brooklyn is one of these albums and not only is it one of their last shows, it is a very good live set.

About a week after I'd get back from a Phish show I'd start looking for a copy of the set I just watched/heard. I have to admit that quite often I was disappointed with the album. I'd listen and think that the guitar solos were just a little too long. Or maybe the guys just weren't quite together on certain songs. Definitely, being there was better than listen in my car or living room. But the Live in Brooklyn album is honestly one of the best live albums I've heard (Slip, Stitch, and Pass being my favorite). The set is three discs of Phish goodness. There are some fan favorites like Sample in a Jar, Free, and Weekapaug Groove (which is really great here) and some not-so-standbys such as 46 Days and Possum. There are a few spots where the band seems to go on a bit too long (that if you were in attendance you would think was the coolest thing ever), but as a whole the album is really tight.

So not only is this a great album for the hard core Phish phans, it also is a segway album for non-fans to get a taste of the live Phish experience without too much of the long jams that turn some off.

You can pick this up at, as well as some other Phish stuff like the Phish companion.

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