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Quantum Leap Season Two DVD Box set
review by Tuxxer

"Oh Boy." That's what I thought when I realized I'd gotten the chance to pore over all 22 episodes from Season Two of one of my favorite shows growing up. Quantum Leap had it all. Good music, above-average writing, some great acting, cool special effects, and of course, beautiful women.

Dr. Sam Beckett (not the playwright, ba dum ching) bounces back and forth in his own lifetime ala Voyagers to 'put right what once went wrong.' His holographic guide and best friend, Admiral Al Calavicci, walks through walls and makes lecherous comments left and right. The chemistry of stars Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell is terrific, they make a wonderful team that the audience can enjoy getting to know.

Season Two had some of the show's best episodes. Honeymoon Express has always been a favorite, but then so have What Price, Gloria? (Sam's first turn as a woman), Jimmy, Pool Hall Blues, and M.I.A., to name a few. The show hit home effectively by taking realistic problems (grieving for a lost son, the possibility of divorce, life-ruining accidents), and putting a human face on them. Sam does his best to iron out the problems and occasionally fall for the pretty girl.

Another thing that made this show so great, was its role in history. I'm not talking about the history of TV, but real-life events and people from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Chubby Checker learns 'the Twist' from Sam in a Radio Station. The good doctor saves a man's life with the Heimlich maneuver, only to discover that it was Dr. Heimlich. While these little nods are entertaining, the show also hit on broader scenarios of the time or place, like the absence of women's rights, racism, and the gas shortage. The creators really did their homework, and it shows.

If you're a fan of QL, adding this set to your collection won't be a disappointment. Unfortunately, it won't hold any surprises, either. The DVD package itself is nice, but sparse. Rather than have a booklet on the series, it holds a mini-catalog of other DVD's released under the Universal banner. The directory of episodes says that there are bonus features on the 2nd side of the last disc, after the final episodes. There aren't any, unless it is a very well-concealed Easter Egg. And one thing that just bugged me was the inclusion of photos on the case from episodes that wouldn't happen for another two seasons. I'm nitpicking, but it was noticeable.

Where are interviews with Dean and Scott? A commentary or two on their favorite episodes? Nothin'. Nadda. Zippo. C'est la vie.

I give the DVD Set for Season Two a 7.5 out of 10. The show was great, and this season was one of the best. But after a decade and a half, I think they could have dug up a few bonus features, or at least not advertised them on the box. No bells and whistles for us.

Better luck next time.

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