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Quantum Leap Season 3

Review by Tuxxer

7.5 out of 10

It just may be my Swiss cheesed memory, but I'm experiencing déjà vu. Sam Beckett and Admiral Al Calavicci are still careening through time, putting right what once went wrong. Season 3 offered up some powerful moments for fans of the show; some funny, some bittersweet (not easy for a Sci-Fi show to pull off), and above all very entertaining.

In the third season, Sam gets to go home (sorta) by leaping into himself at the age of 16. The trip down memory lane is an upsetting one, but necessary nonetheless. Sam later spends time as a soldier, a clergyman (Catholic this time), a beauty contestant, a rock star, and even a pregnant woman.

Like the seasons before, the challenges he faces are not always deadly, merely life-ruining. The people he interacts with, whether they know it or not, are on roads that lead to divorce, prostitution, domestic abuse, or life in the nuthouse. The human interest factor in these stories is as much a draw to the fans as anything having to do with Sci-Fi.

Al continues to offer much needed advice, direction, and cigar smoke. (I still can't get over how he convinced Bellisarius to pick up the prop tab on a box of stogies a week. Brilliant.) The chemistry between the two actors and their fictional counterparts is genuine as ever.

One of the best aspects of the show lies in the guest stars, many of which go on to have fruitful careers of their own: Tia Carrere, Marc Alaimo (later of Deep Space Nine), Diedrich Bader (Drew Carey Show), Josie Bissett (Melrose Place), Dan Butler, and David Graf (Tackleberry!), to name a few.

This season also gave us four of my favorite episodes: The Leap Home I & II, Future Boy, and Shock Theater. The season's book-end episodes were fantastic, and Future Boy puts a twist on Sam's String Theory that just makes me smile.

The DVD's, much like Season 2; have little in the way of special features to speak of. Maybe I've gotten spoiled from other series, but it's somewhat expected to find something extra. There's no commentary or anything of the sort, and once again some of the music has been changed. Classic songs of the period have been replaced by elevator 'muzak'. I can understand the distributors not wanting to pay royalties for the songs, but instead of 'Jailhouse Rock' or 'The Great Pretender' piping out of the jukebox, all that comes out is bland filler. Music is part of what made the series so great, and it's been watered down.

One nice bonus about the DVD, if nothing else, is that it comes with a $10 coupon for buying the first or second season. The DVD sets are cheap to start with, for full-length seasons, and $10 off is a great bargain.

You can always visit It's a terrific fan site that has in-depth episode guides including summaries, guest stars, and yes, music from each episode. It should tide you over until you can pick up the series, which I recommend you do.

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