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Ren & Stimpy
The Lost Episodes
Review by Mr. Stinkhead

If you thought Ren & Stimpy were done, think again. We just received the Lost Episodes, which were recently produced by John K and the mostly original team he re-assembled. They started producing episodes, now given free reign, for Spike TV. This discs contains the episodes that directly respond to the mountains of viewer mail they received. "We want more hot chicks, we want more violence, we want more gross-outs!" they would say, so John K responded.

Each episode is quite chunky. These aren't 15 minute quick gags. There's a story (mostly) and plenty of animated goodness you won't find on television. The first episode Naked Beach Frenzy follows and Ren and Stimpy to the beach. Then there are lots and lots of bouncing naked breasts. At first there was a little bit of a tease, as in, ok I've bought the Lost Episodes, am I going to see why these weren't on TV? The answer is Yes. And in spades.

I also really liked Firedogs II which follows Ren and Stimpy as they bunk with Ralph Bakshi, the man behind the animated Lord of the Rings, and a mentor of sorts to John K. He was the inspiration of the original fire chief in the first Firedogs episode, so they fleshed him out and physically turned the character into Ralph for this revisit. I love that Ralph voiced the character and really let it all hang out for this not-so-gentle roast.

Ren Seeks Help is considered pretty disturbing to most. Ren seeks a psychiatrist in which to find out why he is the way he is, so we get a nice behind-the-madness look at why Mr. Hoek is so mean to Stimpy. Yes it can get a little disturbing, but I didn't lose site of the fact that it's all animated.

I also enjoyed the short video clip intros of John K, and a different member of his staff, that introduce each episode. I usually get tired of self-congratulatory tripe that stops me from getting to the goods, but these were genuinely interesting. The DVD also makes it very easy to skip these and get straight to the episode, which is also nice.

I must also tell you the packaging on this is pretty sweet. It's "wacky and zany" in true John K fashion, but it's worth checking out.

If you're a fan of Ren & Stimpy, or grown-up focused animation, you'll get a kick out of this disc. I followed along the indignities that were suffered by John K back at Nickelodeon, so this is a great follow up, and restores John K on top.

Prove to us you're a big Ren & Stimpy Fan and you can win a copy of this box set! Simply e-mail your name to entry AT Tell us why you're the biggest Ren & Stimpy Fan. Seriously, we're just going to randomly draw a winner, but tell us why you deserve it more than the rest of these hosers!

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Read this amazing look back at the phenomenon of Ren & Stimpy from Animation World Magazine, 2001.

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