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By R Hunter

There is no accounting for taste. All preference is subjective. With this in mind R Hunter picks his personal Top Ten songs. Now snobbery-free!

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    Placebo I Feel You (Depeche Mode Cover)
    The original is good. This cover is better. Thanks to Brian Molko for giving a lot of guys sexually ambiguous boners in the late nineties (not me of course, I played sports).

    If you've ever driven at top speed to a third or fourth date and thought This girl is the one, then this is the song to play. But then of course you get to the Grammys and it turns out you need an invite and Shania's security yells It's him again and tackles you and you get a knee cap right to the nuts.

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    Deftones Change (In the house of flies)
    Look I realize what these choices make me look like. These songs do not represent everything in my collection. It's only the songs that provide the same potent feeling as when I heard them for the first time.

    That being said, in poor taste with but best intentions, who doth not get pumped after hearing this song? It was my pump-up song for varsity wrestling. It helps cool the nervous erect nipples all us wrestlers get. Wrestling!

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    Bright Eyes Lover I Don't Have To Love
    Lil John's backing vocals are both comical and what I would call "crunk-a-licious." Fortunately he has nothing to do with this song.

    The dark mood and the haphazard vocals give this great image of a traveler who just doesn't care. Destruction is his friend and any miserable soul who can accomodate him might just provide enough spark for him to keep alive for another day until the next town.

    You can read all this and more in my Conor Oberst fan-fiction at

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    The Pixies Where Is My Mind
    This one time I worked with this really pretty girl who had a kid. She told me she became a much better surfer when she lost her virginity because the experience taught her to move her hips. She gave me a ride once to Gino's Cheesesteaks and we listened to the Pixies. I had never heard more then Here Comes Your Man at that point. A year or two later I heard this song again in the closing scene of Fight Club.

    Anybody I meet who hasn't heard Pixies, this is the song I play. In respect to there entire catalogue it's a very different sounding song.

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    Death Cab For Cutie A Lack of Color
    This is a quiet song. Most people would pick a track from lead singer Ben Gibbard's side project Postal Service (aka The Panty Remover), but his lyrics and vocals don't get any better then this.
    Ben, thank you! Name dropping you has led to no less then three sexual encounters (one of them doggie style! Yeah!). Thank you for letting that weird kid interview you.

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    The Shins Those To Come

  7. This is another quiet song. There is an odd connection between this song and number 5. They are in the same narrative and tone, possibly pulled from the same tar pit in the collective unconscious, betwixt the paramecium. I consider it to be a living breathing example of the human condition known as absolute consumption of the heart. Also I like big jugs, shake them in my face please!

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    Smashing Pumpkins Muzzle
    I was just arguing with Josh from my cubicle. This song was on Mellon Collie. For fuck's sake, look at the God damn album.

    This track had a very different tone from the rest of this double album. It's probably the most upbeat song on the album. If I'm not mistaken it was the last single they released. Uh, okay Josh is arguing with me about that too 'cause he says the airplane flies high box set had all the singles and Muzzle wasn't one of them. But then couldn't it have been released after the box set was planned? I mean God, sheesh! You give me an ulcer.

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    NIN Wish

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    Massive Attack Teardrop
    The vocals of Elizabeth Fraser are so fragile your ears don't believe she can hold these notes. I had always skipped through this song until I had an hour to kill on the bullet train from Hong Kong to mainland China. What other songs have you skipped through then later learned to love? How bout a girl? Let's discuss!

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    Interpol EVIL
    "Lover, what do you want on your pizza?"

    This one time me and Matt were walking down the streets of Portland in the piss freezing weather, kung-fu kicking street signs and newspaper boxes. We found this strip club I think was called Bearded Mary's and it was basically the size of a hallway. It was so up-scale there was no DJ instead the dancers had to put quarters in a jukebox and pick the music they danced to. That led to many awkward silences as they wiped down the pole and waited for opening rift of Cherry Pie. The upside was that the girls needed quarters to play the songs so basically you could tip with quarters. I liked to bounce them off the stage and catapult them onto the dancer's ass cheeks where they stuck with a satisfying *smuck*.

    Needless to say this song rocks. On this record Paul Banks' voice get a little more emotion and in the choruses of this song he totally loses it like an obsessive lover.
    Hooray for feelings!

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