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The Roast of William Shatner
Review by Lando da Pimp

I am a huge fan of Friar Club roasts. You will never hear more crude jokes when comedians roast an individual. The biggest problem is that while its fun to watch the roasts on Comedy Central, they are censored. The DVD allows you to hear George Takei tell William Shatner to F*** himself uncensored. Isn't ironic though that I am censoring the reveiw of a roast that is uncensored on DVD that was censored on TV? Follow that?

William Shatner must have loved this event with the focus on him. Everything I have read and heard about him is that Shatner is very egotistic, and the roasters took no pity on him. It's good that he has a great sense of humor. A majority of the jokes focused on Shatners weight which has ballooned over the years with the funniest line from Jeffrey Ross "Look at you, have let yourself boldly go." While weight jokes were the main focus, the majority of jokes centered on Shatner's Trek co-star George Takei's sexual preference.

Leonard Nimoy opens the roast by video asking why Shatner is participating in the roast asking "Why are you doing this? Is it for the food?" Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander hosted the event doing an ok job compared to the list of comedians on the dais. His best line telling Shatner that he was a great director responsible for "Star Trek V: The Death of a Franchise."

click hereArtie Lange from The Howard Stern show focused more on his "Cuddly Muffin" George Takei then Shatner. With George's appearances on the Stern show, George and Artie have become fast friends. That doesn't stop the gay jokes however. Patton Oswalt, Greg Garcia, and Kevin Pollack were great roasting Shatner. Even Betty White was pretty funny. Lisa Lampanelli, the queen of mean, was the most brutal of all the comedians. She began with career jokes to Jason Alexander saying "Jack O' Lanterns last longer in the Fall, then your (Alexander) shows." Lisa also pointed out the most obvious question "Where was Nimoy?"

click hereThe show had its slow moments. It seems every roast has a "crazy" person on the dais. With the Shatner roast it was Andy Dick. While he was funny as the devoted Star Trek fan nerd, the licking of people's faces got old fast. And why was Farah Fawcett there? She was the lowmoment of the show.

If George Takei was not on the dais I don't think the roast would have been successful. Every comedian at one point referenced his sexual preference. One of the best moments was when Takei was roasting Shatner. The tension between the men was very awkard and hard to watch just like The Office. In a pleasant surprise when it was Shatners turn to roast the roastees he was able to bite back.

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Review ©2006

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