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South Park Season 8

Review by Lando da Pimp

With a disappointing seventh season, Trey and Matt Parker came back with one of the funniest seasons of South Park. Looking back on this season its really funny how they had they pointed out how kooky Mel Gibson really is with the Passion of the Jew. Who knew how right they were.

Stand Out Episodes

click hereThe Passion of the Jew
As mentioned earlier Matt and Trey knew all along that Mel Gibson is a nut. After seeing Passion of the Christ, Kyle feels, as a Jew, he must apologize for his people killing Jesus. Meanwhile, Cartman is inspired by his hero Mel Gibson leading the town in an anti-semetic chant dressed as Adolf Hitler.

Up the Down Steroid
Cartman decides to join the Special Olympics pretending he is a retarded child aggravating Jimmy to the point where he starts taking steroids.

click hereThe Jeffersons
A new family moves into South Park under the assumed name of Michael Jefferson who resembles Michael Jackson. When the boys discover how Mr. Jefferson treats his son Blanket, they decide to get the child away from his father.

Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes
The new super Wall-Mart turns the streets of South Park into a ghost-town with its incredible bargains. To save the town from this abomination the boys must destroy the structure before Cartman can stop them.

click hereStupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset
When Paris Hilton reveals her new store Stupid Spoiled Whore, all the girls of South Park become infatuated with the socialite. When Paris’s dog commits suicide, she buys Butters from her parents as her new pet. The episode ends with a whore off between Paris and Mr. Slave, who jams Paris up his ass.

click hereWoodland Critter Christmas
The forest critters seek Stans help to build a manger in anticipation of the birth of their Lord and Savior. They also ask Stan to kill the Lion who threatens to kill the creatures. Stan complies and discovers that the forest critters Lord is actually the anti-Christ.

The DVD has no real extras with the exception of commentary by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Paramount has changed the box cover art making it different from the other sets.

click hereParting Thoughts
Matt and Trey really know what pop culture references to comment about. Now after watching The Passion of the Jew they really make you realize how much Mel Gibson is nuts. A few years later the DUI proves they were right. It is always funny to parody Michael Jackson and they were right on the money with pointing out how his children need to be saved. My biggest praise goes toward their commentary on Wal-Mart and Paris Hilton who really is nothing but a rich whore. Leave it to South Park to always be right on the money with how messed up this world really is.

The Eighth Season of South Park is available at

Review ©2006

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