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South Park Season 9

Review by Lando da Pimp

It's hard to put into words the ninth season of South Park especially when the first episode deals with Mr. Garrison having a sex change and Kyle using his ball sack skin to extend his knees to become the first "good" Jewish basketball player. If that wasn't enough the doctor also used the scrotum to change Kyle's dad turn become a dolphin. However as the season progressed the episodes improved and told the story of why Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet.

Stand Out Episodes

click hereThe Death of Eric Cartman
Stan, Kyle and Kenny become increasingly angry at Cartman on how he treats them and begin to completely ignore him after Cartman eats all the chicken skin off of their KFC. When Cartman discovers he can't get anybody's attention he believes he has died and become a ghost.

Cartman gets a surveillance video tape of the girls using a Cootie Catcher which Cartman believes is a high-tech gadget to see into the future. When the 4th grade girls plan a sleepover Butters is selected to fake his death and become a girl to infiltrate and steal the Cootie Catcher.

click hereTrapped in a Closet
When Scientologists believe that Stan is the second coming of Ron Hubbard South Park is visited by variouse celeberties including John Travolta, R Kelly and Tom Cruise who refuses to come out of the closet. This episode was nomitated for an Emmy and is the reason Isacc Hayes left the show.

click hereFree Willzyx
A prank by the Sea Park employee convinces Kyle that Orcle is a “talking” whale that wants to return to his family on the moon. With Russia's help the boys believe they are doing the right thing.

The DVD has no real extras with the exception of commentary by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

click hereParting Thoughts
The Trapped in a Closet episode is a great example of Trey Parker and Matt Stones brilliant writing while Free Willzyx shows that they aren't afraid to go that extra step to shock the audience. Great season, recommended.

The Ninth Season of South Park is available at

Review ©2007

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