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Star Trek Enterprise Season 1
Review by Lando da Pimp

Star Trek Enterprise was a great idea that didn't live up to the quality of previous Star Trek shows, hence it's cancellation. One could also argue that it did not get a chance to prove itself. Set one hundred years before the original Star Trek series, Enterprise begins with the Federation exploring deep space for the very first time. Led by Captain Archer, the crew has a strong curiosity for the unknown but lack the knowledge needed to successfully explore new worlds. The Vulcan officer T'Pol is assigned to help the crew relate to other species and worlds. The result created a show that was different from the other Star Trek shows in that the crew are not veterans of space.

Stand Out Episodes
Star Trek Enterprise season one started off slow, but by season's end it had produced some very compelling episodes:

Click to see!Broken Bow
The episode begins 100 years following first contact with the Vulcans after Zefram Cochrane made his warp flight in space. Guided by the Vulcans, mankind has developed the first Warp Five Engine built into the starship Enterprise NX-01.

Click to see!When a Klingon courier is shot down by an unknown species, it crash lands in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, effectively moving the Enterprise's launch date up ahead of schedule. Captain Jonathan Archer is assigned to return the Klingon to his home world alive, fully backed by Starfleet, but not without the Vulcans objection.

The Andorian Incident
The Enterprise makes a visit to a nearby ancient Vulcan monastery called P'Jem. Once in the temple, Archer and Trip find themselves surrounded and captured by the Andorians. The leader of the Andorians accuses Archer and his crew of being involved in a conspiracy with the Vulcans. They believe that the Federation is aware of a plot by the Vulcans to invade their world. In the end, Archer gives the Andorians scans of a hidden surveillance complex he discovered, irritating the Vulcan high command.

Click to see!Shuttlepod 1
On a return from an away mission, Tucker and Reed become convinced that Enterprise has been destroyed when the ship is not at the rendezvous point. When they begin to investigate they discover pieces of the hull believing these to be the remains of Enterprise. With no place to dock Tucker and Reed must set course for Echo III to get a distress beacon out in time before their 10 days of air run out.

When the crew of the Enterprise are rendered unconscious, a group of Ferengi board the ship to make off with any item that is not bolted down. What the Ferengi do not know is that Trip was in the decon chamber secluded from the rest of the crew. On discovery of the Ferengi, Trip sets out to stop them along with the help of Captain Archer who the Ferengi wake up to work as a slave.

The DVD case for the Enterprise box sets is very awkward and large. The plastic case opens up to reveal a translucent DVD case similar to the Voyager box set along with a small booklet.

Click to see!Extras
Star Trek Enterprise Season One has an amazing amount of extras. There are deleted scenes available for a number of the episodes throughout the discs. This is a first for the Star Trek box sets. The seventh disc contains only special features. The first featurette Creating Enterprise goes into the creation of the ship and it's series. Other featurettes include a profile of Scott Bakula and the cast's impressions of their first season. The more interesting extra was the behind-the-scenes look at the Enterprise set. Unfortunately, you only get a small part now, as this will be a continuing feature on the remaining seasons.

Parting Thoughts
Season One was one of the stronger seasons of the show. Though the continuity between the series was not kept, it did help create some very compelling episodes. With a great amount of extras this DVD is highly recommended.

Star Trek Enterprise Season 1 is available from

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