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Star Trek Enterprise Season 2
Review by Lando da Pimp

After a decent first season, Star Trek Enterprise failed to improve leaving many fans saddened that the show was not getting much better. I happen to agree. While there are stand out episodes, a majority of season two was a big disappointment.

Stand Out Episodes
When the show was successful it gave some great personal stories.

Carbon Creek
Click to see!T'Pol tells a story to Trip and Archer that First Contact did not happen in 2063 with Zefram Cochrane but happened a hundred years earlier. A Vulcan ship crashed near the small town of Carbon Creek with T'Pol's great-grandmother aboard with two Vulcan crew. The Vulcans adapted to life on Earth believeing that they will never be rescued.

Dead Stop
After the Enterprise is badly damaged by a mine field a freighter informs Archer of a repair station nearby. When the ship arrives at the station they discover that the repair station is empty. After Mayweather is found dead, Archer begins to believe that this station is too good to be true.

Click to see!A Night in Sickbay
Returning from negotiations with the Kreetassans Archer learns that his dog Porthos picked up some kind of pathogen. Dr. Phlox spends all night working on a cure with Archer watching. That same evening he also has dreams of intimate moments with T'Pol.

In the film First Contact, Picard destroyed the Borg sphere as it tried to escape. The debris of the sphere crash lands in the artic where Borg bodies were discovered by a research team years later. When the research team can not be contacted, Archer returns to Earth to investigate.

Click to see!The DVD
The DVD case for the Enterprise box sets is very awkward and large. The plastic case opens up to reveal a translucent DVD case similar to the Voyager box set along with a small booklet. The booklet I got had severe color problems. Somebody didn't press check very well.

Star Trek Enterprise Season Two continues with an amazing amount of extras. The basic features of season highlights and profile of Jolene Blalock and Levar Burton as Star Trek Director are put together by a series of interviews. The highlight of the extras again include the secrets of the Enterprise sets. Also included are outtakes and a photo gallery.

Click to see!Parting Thoughts
Season two had some great episodes but was not as strong as the first season. nly true Star Trek Enterprise fans would want this set. I enjoyed the show but some episodes on the set I even skipped over. However the extras are great.

Star Trek Enterprise Season 2 is available from

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