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Star Trek Enterprise Season 3
Review by Lando da Pimp

After a disappointing second season, Berman and the writers came up with the idea to do a continuing storyline for a whole season. The story revolved around the second season finale in which the Xindi sent a probe to destroy Earth. The third season begins six weeks later with Captain Archer and the Enterprise searching the Delphic Espanse for who the Xindi were and why they attacked Earth. I thought this was a great idea that gave us some great episodes. However the whole Xindi storyline was not carried through every episode leaving me a bit disappointed.

Stand Out Episodes
When the show was successful it gave some great personal stories.

Click to see!The Xindi
After six weeks of searching, the Enterprise still has no information about the Xindi race. A tip about a mining colony leads the crew to meet a Xindi prisoner hoping to gain information about his homeworld.

Responding to a Vulcan distress call, Enterprise discovers that the Vulcan ship is stranded in the Delphic Expanse. Once aboard, Archer finds the Vulcan crew have become insane zombie like and that whatever caused this is also affecting his first officer T'Pol.

Click to see!Twilight
The best episode of the season finds Archer waking up years in the future to learn that the Enterprise failed their mission. A spatial distortion left the captain unable to retain any new long-term memories.

Click to see!The Shipment
Archer, Reed and Major Hayes discover and infiltrate a Xindi industrial colony that they believe built the weapon of mass destruction used against Earth. The Enterprise must destroy the facility to delay the production of the weapon.

Click to see!Extras
Star Trek Enterprise Season Three extras are about the same as any of the other seasons. A season recap is discussed with cast and crew. A Day in the Life of a Director: Roxann Dawson provides us a glimpse at the Voyager star directs the episode Exile. A profile of Trip and a photo gallery are also included.

Click to see!Parting Thoughts
Season Three gave us some of the best Enterprise moments, but I can only recommend this box set for people to complete their collection. The third season was shorter than the previous two and even more aggrevating is that the extra disc of features are only available if you buy it at Best Buy. We also find less audio commentaries and deleted scenes for the episodes. With less material, I would be really upset that I would have to pay the same amount of money as season 1 & 2. Upsetting the Star Trek fans is not a smart move.

Click to see!Star Trek Enterprise Season 3 is available from, or Best Buy if you want the additional bonus features.

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