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Star Trek Enterprise Season 4
Review by Lando da Pimp

Like every other Trek franchise, Enterprise's fourth season was the turning point for the series. Stories fell into place, characters were further developed, and the overall tone of the show was excellent. Unfortunately UPN cancelled the series ruining the chance for a fifth season.

Stand Out Episodes
Season four was the best of the series, focusing on really good stories making some quality episodes. The writers focused on answering a number of questions that other Trek shows asked. Why this wasn't the idea of the series in the beginning is beyond me.

Click to see!Storm Front Part I / II
The third season finale found Archer in 1944 discovering that the Nazi's have taken over the United States with the help of the Xindi. The crew must prevent the Nazi Aliens from completing a time machine that will allow them to provoke a Temporal Cold War.

Click to see!Borderland
Brent Spiner (Data from TNG) plays Dr. Arik Soong, the ancestor to Dr. Noonian Soong that creates Data and Lore. Arik Soong creates a race of super human beings using genetics. When the Klingons discover this, they attempt to create a race of super Klingons. The side effect answers the question from the DS9 episode Trials and Tribbleations. Why are the Klingons a bunch of black guys with goatees in The Original Series?

Click to see!The Forge
When a terrorist attack happens on Earth a group of zealous Vulcans called the Syrannites, are suspected. In investigation Archer and T'Pol discover that her mother is a member of the group and were set up by the Vulcan high command. Ultimately the Syrannites belief in Surak will lead to who the Vulcans become.

In the Mirror, Darkly I / II
This two-part episode takes place in the Star Trek mirror universe. The mirror Enterprise and crew battle over control of the futuristic starship "Defiant" that was lost in the Original Series.

Click to see!Terra Prime
A xenophobic group threatens to destroy Starfleet command unless all aliens leave the galaxy. The group leader Paxton, also threatens to kill the offspring of T'Pol and Trip who were unaware that the child even existed.

Click to see!Extras
Star Trek Enterprise Season Four has a nice collection of behind-the-scenes and examines the thinking that went into this great season. The featurette about the Mirror episodes provide a lot of great information on how they came about recreating the Original Series look and feel. Also available are a collection of deleted scenes, outtakes, and photo gallery.

Click to see!Parting Thoughts
Season four is by far the best season of the show, and it left Star Trek fans wanting more. The series took too long to attract the fans, dooming it to failure. If the ideas and storylines took place in season four happened earlier, I am very confident that it would still be on the air.

Click to see!While the episodes with Brent Spiner was a highlight of the season, the finale with Frakes and Sirtis left a bad taste in the mouth of fans. The idea of the episode was good but letting it be the series finale of the show just didn't work. I recommend anybody who has enjoyed an episode of the Original Series to buy this set. It answers a lot of questions and finally made Enterprise feel like Star Trek.

Star Trek Enterprise Season 4 is available from

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